Having a great week

We’re back into full blown triathlon training season! Monday night we had our first team swim practice… where I was surprised at how much fitness I’ve lost. Got bumped down to a slower a lane, but it’s all good. I’ll get better with some practice, it’s been something like 2 months since I swam. Tuesday morning I had an 8am appointment for a free intro session with a personal trainer at LA Fitness… he no-showed on me. I had wanted to check out the spin class which started at 9:15, so to pass some time I did half of the yoga class. And that was another harsh reminder of how out of shape I am. Couldn’t hold some of the poses I used to and certainly have lost some flexibility. To be honest, about 15 minutes in I started watching the clock and longing to escape (had told the instructor I’d be leaving after 30 minutes). After a quick bathroom break I went next door for the spin class. ANOTHER painful reminder… I need to loose some weight on get back in shape! I was sweating instantly (didn’t help they had the air conditioning off that morning), and I could not keep up with the class. The instructor/psycho told us to stay at 120 rpm’s for most of the fast portions…. at my (almost falling of the bike trying my very hardest) fastest, my best rpm was 110! They went up to 140! I’m not sure a human’s legs were meant to move that fast. The “out of the saddle” portion killed me too. I had worn soft running shoes which just don’t give enough support for standing on the peddles. Plus I was just tired and slow. At the end, the instructor/psycho gave me props (in front of the class) for surviving the class. Apparently some people quit, but she was impressed that I kept peddling even when I couldn’t keep up. I guess that’s one positive thing. To be honest, the whole ordeal had me feeling sorry for myself. Both classes have you in front of mirrors. I really hate what I’ve done to myself. All this weight I’ve gained is like a prison. It holds me down. I can’t enjoy the exercise like I want to because it really doesn’t feel good. I do feel better after, but still… I’m “that girl” that others feel sorry for. But at least I’m there exercising and changing myself instead of hiding at home. Things will get better with time. Just wish it would hurry up!

For lunch I had a friend come visit. We used to work together, and are both better off after leaving that place. She brought a huge picnic style lunch and some flowers for me. I am so lucky to have such sweet friends! My day had gotten much better after my disappointing experience at the gym, but it wasn’t over yet. Yancy & I went for a double date with Mike & Stephanie. We had dinner at a little sandwich shop and then saw the “Avengers” movie. It had some great action scenes and was funny (for a super hero movie)! I almost want to see it again… that’s a high recommendation from me. šŸ™‚

Today I started my new job! They had a welcome sign and some flowers for me at my new cubicle. How sweet is that?!? It was a slow day because I don’t have access yet to the computer system. But my first big project was creating a poster board with pictures and art for an event this weekend. Then I did some paperwork and copies for the same event. This job will be lots of paperwork. But I’m kinda liking that. I like to organize things and I like to complete projects. I’m thinking my postion will probably be very project oriented, and there will be some variety in what I do. So should keep me busy and the hours will pass quickly. My hours will be Tues/Wed/Thursdays, 9am-2:30pm with a 30 minute lunch. That gives me a lot of free time!

This evening was our first run practice with the team. I didn’t exactly enjoy the run, but definitely feel better after. My shins were hurting. That’s not typical for me and I’m thinking it has to do with the spin class yesterday, especially wearing the wrong shoes on the bike. The weather was gorgeous! I think this season is going to be the best! Most of my previous triathlons were earlier in the year so I trained during the winter. And last summer we didn’t get a lot of sun. This year has been especially beautiful. Warm sunny days and cool nights. Bright green shades on all the plants & trees, and blooming flowers wherever you look. I can feel my asthma a little bit when running, but it’s not been bad enough to use the inhaler. Hopefully it will get better as my fitness improves and Spring turns into Summer.

Well, that pretty much wraps up my week. Here’s a few pictures. Check out my experimental art in the kitchen! I put removable contact paper all over the place. šŸ™‚


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