Getting better

It’s been a nice week. We’re officially done moving into the new place. But it’s taking time getting use to the new routine with our work schedules and triathlon training. I did spin class again last night and had a MUCH better experience. Kinda felt like I was going to throw up because I overheated, but really liked the instructor, brought proper shoes, and am starting to feel a little more fit…. all adding up to a more fun class.

Last weekend I got my hair recolored… purple again.Ā  šŸ™‚ It had faded quite drastically in the last week. The purple color is such a pain for upkeep that I might not do it again next time. On Saturday we had our first Team bike practice, 10 miles on Lake Washington. The weather was beautiful and I had a great time! It was a pleasant surprise to feel so comfortable on the bike after the rough week I had with exercise. Plus I’m pretty sure I haven’t been on the bike since July of last year! Swim practice this week also felt better. My form has broken down without practice, but the coach is giving me lots of feed back and I can already feel myself getting faster. šŸ™‚Ā  On Monday and Friday mornings I’m walking with my friend Stephanie in our neighborhood… which means lots of hills. Seriously feeling better after a week of increasing my exercise! Tonight I’m heading to run practice at the track. They have a really nice soft running surface. Just hope my legs have had enough time to recover after last night’s spin class!

Here are a few pictures from the last week:


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