Memorial weekend

I am having yet ANOTHER fantastic weekend! Saturday morning was a Team bike ride around Mercer Island. 13.77 miles on beautiful, curvy roads. We had lunch afterwards with a bunch of teammates. In the evening we had dinner at a friends home who we haven’t really seen in a while. Their 7 month old daughter was a cutey. Today we had breakfast with another friend in the neighborhood (walking close to a mile each way) and then I went for a 4 mile walk and lunch with a girlfriend. Lots of socializing… and walking… and eating.   🙂

I have to admit I’ve really dropped the ball with cooking at home this weekend. We had dinner out at a local Chinese place that gets amazing reviews. The food was delicious but I didn’t love the environment (the smell of cleaning chemicals overpowered me from the second I walked in, and the phone ringing on high volume every few minutes got really annoying). We ate ’til we were over full and still have TWO meals for tomorrow! So three meals out in one day… ah well, I had a really nice time. And at least I walked about 5 and a half miles today.

Tomorrow Yancy will be home and we have no official plans. Hopefully we’ll get some work done in the yard… feels so weird to say that! Anyways, we apparently have nightshade all over the place and dandelions needing to be pulled. And our neighbor told us we need to “partially expose the tubers” of the iris flowers. Our little yard is really cool, but could look a lot better with a little love.

Here’s a few pictures from the week (you can tell I’m kind of in love with our new neighborhood):


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