Whew! :)

It seems I’m back on track and I’m feeling great. On Monday morning I did a spin class (the instructor had us doing insane hill climbing which had my hamstrings on edge for days), and that evening I did swimming practice with my Team. Tuesday morning I walked with my friend for about 45 minutes (we walk about 2x week and usually have some big hills). That night I had my laser tattoo removal procedure: ouch! Wednesday I took a rest day and we went to the Sounders game (neighbors gave us tickets). Thursday night I did my first open water swim of the season (in Green Lake) with a friend I haven’t seen in at least a year. I think we did about a mile. I was surprised at how quick I got into my wetsuit, but it sure seemed tight! This morning I was up again at 5am for spin class…. this time with my favorite instructor. Counting my warm up, I rode 20.5 miles this morning!!! And not counting my warm up, the calorie counter said 533, but not sure how accurate that is. This morning’s was my best class yet! And I came straight home after to go walking with my friend again. That’s at least 5.5 hours of exercise in 5 days… with a rest day even! I feel great and my energy levels are getting higher.


The year is almost half over!

I managed to drag myself out of bed after a poor night’s sleep and get to spin class. at 5:45am. It wasĀ  a new instructor that had us do 98% hills… with little to no variation…. not my favorite. But I guess it was good exercise. I needed it after the lame ride I had on Saturday. Team practice was a brick. We warmed up with a 1 mile jog, then biked a route with a RIDICULOUS hill (Inglewood), then another mile or two on foot. I got a flat tire about 3 miles into the ride, took what seemed like forever to change it (using a C02 cartridge), then nearly had a heart attack on the hill. This is the steepest hill I’ve ever attempted to ride up (& don’t have a good history with). I had to stop because I was getting really dizzy from breathing too hard. While dismounting I managed to scrape my leg up. Then I realized that there was a big lump in the tire I had just changed and started freaking out a little. If it’s a kink in the tube, it can blow… not something that you want when flying downhill… or when several miles away from where you started. So I called it a day and rode back to the car without incident. Still got 8.6 miles done, but felt pretty disappointed in myself. When I get closer to my goal weight that hill won’t be such a mountain. It turns out it wasn’t my fault with changing the tube, but a weakness in the tire wall… which means I need to buy new tires asap… yippee.Ā  šŸ˜¦

Yesterday I went for a really nice walk at Golden Gardens Beach with my friend Stephanie. It was low tide so we got to see lots of shells and crab corpses and lots of birds. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many cranes. They are so large and majestic! We saw lots of sail boats heading out of the marina and some HUGE starfish on a dock. That walk made my day! I’m planning to have a BBQ & bonfire there for my birthday. In the afternoon I waged a war on the dandelions in our yard. It was hard, sweaty work, but the yard sorta looks better… except that it looks like a meteor shower hit where I pulled all the massive dandelions from the lawn. Ah well.

Tonight I have swim practice with the Team. Last week I swam 2000 yards and felt really good. Hopefully tonight will be more of the same! Tomorrow night Yancy and I are attending a fund raiser then heading to Bellevue for my laser tattoo removal appointment. The tattoo is much faded, but still annoyingly there. Can’t wait for this process to be over!

Here’s a few pictures from this week:


It seems like I should have more time since I work only 15 hours/week, but I feel just as busy! Had a serious case of laziness this week. Skipped a swim practice and went to the movies instead… and drank wine. On Friday I slept strait through spin class, then went back to bed after coffee and stayed there until after noon! Feeling a little guilty now, but what’s done is done. Does anyone have tips on staying motivated even when you’re tired?

This morning wasn’t so lazy. Yancy and I rode our bicycles to bike practice, getting a total of 30 miles in today! It was my longest ride since July 2011… and I’ll have some sore areas to remind me. I conquered some hills that I was scared of… well, I was super duper slow and whiny… but still did it. Didn’t walk until the very end on the steep hill near my house. The last 3 blocks are killer! This is my only complaint about living on Phinney Ridge. I have a new goal of riding non-stop up those hills some day… it may be a while. Another cool thing about today’s ride is that it took us right past my work. Other than scarey traffic, riding my bike to work will be really easy. Literally 10 minutes from one door to the other!

Tomorrow we’re celebrating Yancy’s birthday a little early (his actual birthday is on Tuesday). I have TONS of food and we’re going to have a good time. And after Tuesday I’ll start in on my annual 3 weeks of teasing Yancy about his age. He’ll be 35 and I’M STILL IN MY 20’s!!!! :O)

Here are a few pictures from this last week. Had a really nice visit with family last weekend and a super exciting soccer game on Tuesday.


Still trying to cool down after my 5:45AM spin class today! I had hoped that the room would be cooler since it was the first class of the morning… not so much. But I still feel good about my work out. Almost 17 miles again and definitely a good cardio booster. I weighed in this morning and have remained the same, maybe a pound or two less than the week before. We bought an “old fashioned scale” and it’s hard to see the little dashes on the spin wheel, but I trust it more than that silly fancy electronic one we had. And I’m hoping to start seeing the pounds dropping soon.

We’re visiting family this weekend so we’ll see how the diet goes….Ā  But I’ve been thinking about Paleo a lot and am really wanting to get back to it.