It seems like I should have more time since I work only 15 hours/week, but I feel just as busy! Had a serious case of laziness this week. Skipped a swim practice and went to the movies instead… and drank wine. On Friday I slept strait through spin class, then went back to bed after coffee and stayed there until after noon! Feeling a little guilty now, but what’s done is done. Does anyone have tips on staying motivated even when you’re tired?

This morning wasn’t so lazy. Yancy and I rode our bicycles to bike practice, getting a total of 30 miles in today! It was my longest ride since July 2011… and I’ll have some sore areas to remind me. I conquered some hills that I was scared of… well, I was super duper slow and whiny… but still did it. Didn’t walk until the very end on the steep hill near my house. The last 3 blocks are killer! This is my only complaint about living on Phinney Ridge. I have a new goal of riding non-stop up those hills some day… it may be a while. Another cool thing about today’s ride is that it took us right past my work. Other than scarey traffic, riding my bike to work will be really easy. Literally 10 minutes from one door to the other!

Tomorrow we’re celebrating Yancy’s birthday a little early (his actual birthday is on Tuesday). I have TONS of food and we’re going to have a good time. And after Tuesday I’ll start in on my annual 3 weeks of teasing Yancy about his age. He’ll be 35 and I’M STILL IN MY 20’s!!!! :O)

Here are a few pictures from this last week. Had a really nice visit with family last weekend and a super exciting soccer game on Tuesday.


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