The year is almost half over!

I managed to drag myself out of bed after a poor night’s sleep and get to spin class. at 5:45am. It was  a new instructor that had us do 98% hills… with little to no variation…. not my favorite. But I guess it was good exercise. I needed it after the lame ride I had on Saturday. Team practice was a brick. We warmed up with a 1 mile jog, then biked a route with a RIDICULOUS hill (Inglewood), then another mile or two on foot. I got a flat tire about 3 miles into the ride, took what seemed like forever to change it (using a C02 cartridge), then nearly had a heart attack on the hill. This is the steepest hill I’ve ever attempted to ride up (& don’t have a good history with). I had to stop because I was getting really dizzy from breathing too hard. While dismounting I managed to scrape my leg up. Then I realized that there was a big lump in the tire I had just changed and started freaking out a little. If it’s a kink in the tube, it can blow… not something that you want when flying downhill… or when several miles away from where you started. So I called it a day and rode back to the car without incident. Still got 8.6 miles done, but felt pretty disappointed in myself. When I get closer to my goal weight that hill won’t be such a mountain. It turns out it wasn’t my fault with changing the tube, but a weakness in the tire wall… which means I need to buy new tires asap… yippee.  😦

Yesterday I went for a really nice walk at Golden Gardens Beach with my friend Stephanie. It was low tide so we got to see lots of shells and crab corpses and lots of birds. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many cranes. They are so large and majestic! We saw lots of sail boats heading out of the marina and some HUGE starfish on a dock. That walk made my day! I’m planning to have a BBQ & bonfire there for my birthday. In the afternoon I waged a war on the dandelions in our yard. It was hard, sweaty work, but the yard sorta looks better… except that it looks like a meteor shower hit where I pulled all the massive dandelions from the lawn. Ah well.

Tonight I have swim practice with the Team. Last week I swam 2000 yards and felt really good. Hopefully tonight will be more of the same! Tomorrow night Yancy and I are attending a fund raiser then heading to Bellevue for my laser tattoo removal appointment. The tattoo is much faded, but still annoyingly there. Can’t wait for this process to be over!

Here’s a few pictures from this week:


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