Whew! :)

It seems I’m back on track and I’m feeling great. On Monday morning I did a spin class (the instructor had us doing insane hill climbing which had my hamstrings on edge for days), and that evening I did swimming practice with my Team. Tuesday morning I walked with my friend for about 45 minutes (we walk about 2x week and usually have some big hills). That night I had my laser tattoo removal procedure: ouch! Wednesday I took a rest day and we went to the Sounders game (neighbors gave us tickets). Thursday night I did my first open water swim of the season (in Green Lake) with a friend I haven’t seen in at least a year. I think we did about a mile. I was surprised at how quick I got into my wetsuit, but it sure seemed tight! This morning I was up again at 5am for spin class…. this time with my favorite instructor. Counting my warm up, I rode 20.5 miles this morning!!! And not counting my warm up, the calorie counter said 533, but not sure how accurate that is. This morning’s was my best class yet! And I came straight home after to go walking with my friend again. That’s at least 5.5 hours of exercise in 5 days… with a rest day even! I feel great and my energy levels are getting higher.


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