Last night I made a “veggie stew” using the leftover chicken broth (from last Friday’s crock-pot chicken for the tamales). The fat had solidified and was super easy to take off the top. And the broth was crazy flavorful, I didn’t add a single spice to the stew and it tasted fantastic! I used all fresh ingredients: onion, yellow pepper, red potato, carrots, celery, vine ripened tomatoes, and mushrooms. No meat and no noodles, so very low calorie. I calculated 2 weight watchers points per serving. Now that’s delicious healthy living!  🙂


Personal best

I timed my 500 yard lap swim tonight and finished in 8 minutes, 56 seconds. That’s about a minute faster than my pace last year! :O) Team practice was a lot of fun. It was our last time in the pool so we practiced sighting, drafting, and group starts. Next week we’re swimming in Lake Washington!  🙂

Busy girl!

Ok, I’m pretty much caught up on blogging. I didn’t realize how busy I’ve been! This has been a really fun month and August will be more of the same. I was starting to whine about being bored on my days off. When I went to part time work I had all these grand ideas of hobbies I’d take up while home (quilting, scrap-booking, exercising more, going for long bike rides…), but I feel like all I do is try to keep up with house work, then sit around a lot. So when I got a call from an ophthalmology clinic (who I had sent my resume to several months ago) asking me to come in for an interview, I decided to give it a shot. I’ve now done two interviews and should find out on Wednesday or Thursday if they want to offer me the job. It’s only per diem and would be flexible enough to work around my job at LLS. We’ll see what happens. They have one other candidate that they’re considering. If they offer her the job instead I really won’t be bummed. But I will start looking for something after the triathlon in September… just because I need to be busy, and I’d really like to be putting some money into savings instead of living month to month.

I’m super excited for this weekend! It’s the Burns’ family reunion! They only do this every other year and it’s always a blast. My family will also be having a get-together the same weekend. It’s nice that both mine & Yancy’s family lives in the same area (other than his mom) so we can visit everyone during the same trip. I’m especially looking forward to visiting my grandma who’s been having some health issues lately (not sure if it’s ok to talk about on my blog). Can’t wait to give her a big hug. It’s going to be another laid back weekend, just spending time with wonderful people. And our actually anniversary is on Monday 8/6.

This weekend Yancy was on-call for work without a wireless card for his laptop which basically left him housebound. I went to bike practice on my own and goofed up on the directions which ended up becoming quite the adventure. I rode up the steepest hill I think I’ve ever met and nearly keeled over. But I felt proud of the accomplishment… and exhausted. After some lunch I went to my good friend Stephanie’s baby shower. Her friends are throwing one for her next weekend that I can’t go to, so I ended up going to the one her co-workers organized. I knew quite a few of them from when I worked there way back. It was actually kind of fun. They blindfolded Stephanie and made her unpack a bag of baby stuff and guess what it was. Very entertaining! 🙂 Her baby has lots of pink clothes now!

Yesterday we had the “recommitment party” with our Team in Training group. Our team for the San Diego triathlon is down to 13 members, 2 coaches, and one LLS staff person. It’s a small, but mighty team. We have a lot of fun and overcome a lot of obstacles. I’m getting so excited for our race in FORTY days! 🙂 I think Yancy is too. We’re also planning a nice vacation that week, which will most likely include 2 nights at a beach house in Mexico.

Tonight is the 500yard swim test. Yancy won’t get to participate because of work, but will do it on his own soon. I just have to get through the next 3 days of work, then off to another fantastic weekend. Can’t wait!

Food/Tamales :)

We cooked shish-ka-bobs on the grill this weekend and they turned out perfect! I love grilling! Last week I cooked a healthy shrimp stir-fry. But the most time consuming cooking adventure was the NINE dozen tamales on Friday! I spent about 2 hours Thursday night prepping the sauce to mix with the meat. I cooked some chicken in the crock pot for 10 hours and my friend cooked a beef roast. For the sauce I caramelized some giant Walla Walla onions. Then I cooked up some fresh yellow and red peppers and vine ripened tomatoes and of course fresh garlic. I was VERY generous with the spices (chili powder, garlic, pepper, lots of dried peppers, a little thyme and cinnamon). The sauce was spicier than I intended, but turned out so good! The chicken just about fell apart. I kept the onion and garlic from the crock-pot & blended it to add back to the meat (& saved the broth for a stew later in the week). Sylvia and I spent about 6 hours assembling the tamales and steaming them. I also tweaked my masa mix recipe. No oil this time, just chili & garlic powder, lime juice, and chicken broth (from bullion). These tamales were seriously the best I’ve made yet! More time consuming, but totally worth it. Sylvia took her half to marathon practice on Saturday morning and sold ALL of them as a fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Mine were dinner, an appetizer for a baby shower (disappearing in 5 minutes), and part of a pot-luck on Sunday. The rest are in the freezer for the Burns family reunion next weekend. 🙂

And here’s the Tamale spectacle (plus two pics I can’t seem to separate out of the slideshow)   🙂

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Chelanman 2012!

I did my 7th triathlon as a celebration of my 7 year wedding anniversary with Yancy (two weeks early). We stayed at the same bed & breakfast in Chelan that we went to for our honeymoon. It was Yancy’s second triathlon. I love that we have this new hobby together! We drove over the day before under HEAVY rain and thunder storms. I was stressing out a little because it wasn’t looking like good triathlon weather. But the clouds cleared out by the evening and it was clear for the race… and hot! My swim went very well. I had been recovering from a shoulder issue, but it behaved almost the entire time. I swam 0.9 miles in 32 minutes! It’s true what they say about the Chelanman swim, the water is so clean and it’s easy to sight on the rope they string between the buoys. Yancy’s dad was there when I got out of the water. It’s always great to have someone supporting you at a race, helps keep you in a positive mental place. My 25 mile bike ride was pretty good. I had some issues with a “soft” back tire, but it didn’t really slow me too much. There were hills, but I pushed right through.

Both the bike & run course are an “out & back” on the same road so you get to see your competition a lot. Yancy and I crossed paths shortly after I turned at the half way point. I kept pushing and didn’t let him catch up.  🙂  Unfortunately I was pretty much burnt up by the time I started the run. Literally. I could feel my shoulders burning and I couldn’t seem to cool down. The whole run is on pavement and it was super hot (too much for this “coasty”)! I ended up walking most of the time for the 6.2 miles.

Here’s the best part, I was having FUN the whole time! I finished in 3 hours and 50 minutes, which isn’t my best time for an olympic distance tri, but still about what I was expecting. I didn’t get down on myself for walking. And I was getting lots of support from spectators and other racers. Plus I beat Yancy! That probably won’t happen again. 😛
After the race we took a quick shower then went out for lunch. Yancy’s dad treated us to a big meal at BC McDonald’s. He had to head home and we went back to our room for a little nap. In the afternoon we found a quiet park to sit in the shade and relax a bit. We had dinner at our new favorite place in Chelan: Tin Lilly. After dinner we went out to a friend’s house and spent a few hours there having drinks and chatting.

On Sunday we went back to the park to cheer on a few friends doing the sprint distance triathlon (half of the olympic that we did). It was hot again and we were already looking forward to heading back to Seattle. The whole weekend was very laid back and fun. I feel so blessed to be healthy enough to do this and for all the friends and loved ones in my life that encourage me along the way. Life is good!

Colby Jack the cat

Colby has lost weight and we’re having issues getting him to eat enough of his prescription diet. We’re trying a few things, but I’m a little worried about him. He seems to be getting older and slower and more needy. He’s more a lap cat that he ever was before. Also, the poor guy is so terrified of thunder storms (which we’ve had a few of lately). I think he can even feel them before they arrive. Last week I found him in the craziest hiding spot and later that day we had a serious lightning storm!

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Self image

I missed a turn during Team run practice last week and ended up running alone for a little while on 50th Ave (not far from where I live). Some young black guy in a white car went by and honked/waved like he knew me. I caught up to him a little further up the street. He was stopped in the middle of the crosswalk and as I walked behind his car he asked if I was single and said I was really beautiful. I said I was married and started running again.

The experience left me with some confusing emotions. I was running and sweaty and did not feel beautiful in the least bit. I’ve been very bothered lately by my weight. I hate seeing pictures of myself. The conflict is that on the inside I feel thinner and beautiful, but lately when I see my reflection I find myself ugly. When this guy gave what some would consider a compliment, I caught myself wondering if he was mocking me! The whole experience was just creepy… who thinks they can actually pick up women that way anyways?!? But the way it made me feel is still bothering me.

Apparently I don’t think others see me as beautiful (even though Yancy tells me I am all the time). I know it shouldn’t matter what others think, but this is a sign of low confidence and I don’t like it.

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