Another good week in the books!

I’m doing my best to enjoy the last of my 20’s! Last night Yancy and I went out on a super fun date, live music and great food. It was one of those last minute decisions that ends up being a blast. Yancy’s uncle is an amazing bass player and we’ve seen him play with a few bands. He posted on FB yesterday afternoon that he’d be playing at “Grinders” with the Seatown Rhythm & Blues Players. It ended up being this super small Eastcoast style sandwich shop. We were seated at a large table with people we’ve never met. A totally different experience than what I was expecting, but it was really cool. Kinda felt like a private party.

Yesterday I also went to the salon and said farewell to the purple hair. It was fun while it lasted, but I’m glad to go back to one color. It’s brown with some red tones. Got a trim too, but nothing exciting. Thinking of growing my hair a little longer again.

Today we’re heading out for a swim in Lake Washington. Brrrr! It’ll be my 3rd open water swim of the season. I’m one week away from my “big day.” I’ll be getting up at the crack of dawn on my 30th birthday and swimming 2.4 miles in Lake Washington with some friends as part of “Wademan.” Wade was the coach for my first half iron triathlon with TNT. His birthday is the day after mine and he has a tradition of doing an unofficial iron man triathlon every year to celebrate. That’s a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and a 26.2 mile run. I think he’s 50 this year. I hope to be as fit in 20 years! This may be the start of a similar tradition for me as well. Last year I rode 204 miles in the STP bike ride for my birthday. That was the hardest event I’ve ever done… ever. And this year I’m tackling the longest swim I’ve ever done. What can I do next year to stay with this? Maybe skydiving.  🙂

This last week at work was pretty busy. I’m learning tons and getting a better feel for my role at the LLS office. I did another spin class on Tuesday night and got 21.5 miles done. The next day we did open water swim followed by a hill “run” (which I walked)… learned not to eat a sandwich right before run practice, even if you’re hungry from swimming. Last Saturday Yancy and I spent nearly 6 hours cheering at the Seattle Rock & Roll Marathon and half marathon. It was fun & inspiring, but exhausting. Just to be standing on pavement that long is painful, but add in all the smiling and yelling and ringing a cowbell, and then sprinkle in some pouring rain and cold wind at the end… and it was a long day. Would do it again though. Some of those people at the end of the race really appreciated us being out there.

We played hookie from bike practice yesterday, just needed some rest. Also was a little concerned about the cat (Colby). He didn’t seem to be feeling well on Friday and I saw him stumble several times and act kind of weak when climbing on things. He was quieter than usual and slept most of the day (which isn’t necessarily unusual). Yancy thinks he has a head cold. Colby seems to be getting better though. He’s playful again today and walking around just fine.

Here are a few pictures from the last week:


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