I’m behind again

I’ve got lots of pictures to upload from this last week, but won’t get around to it for a few more days probably. Just wanted to throw this link up: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/197157985 It’s the map of my 2.5 mile swim this morning in Lake Washington. A previous TNT triathlon coach has a tradition of doing a one-person ironman triathlon to celebrate his birthday each year, it’s called “Wademan” and I think he turns 50 this year! Some people join him for different parts of the “race” and I decided to give the swim a go. Ironman distance is 2.4 miles…. I haven’t really done more than 1.5 miles. But I did it today, bright an early! Now that’s a cool way to celebrate turning 30! My right shoulder really hurts, but otherwise I feel fantastic and a bit proud! :O)

More birthday celebrations soon. 🙂


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