Too old to blog?

Apparently when you turn 30, life gets suddenly busy and blogging gets procrastinated. I’ve got too much to catch up on now. But I’ll post a bunch of pics and try to recall what I can.

On July 3rd I tried something for the first time. It was “lady’s night” at the gun shooting range and Yancy’s coworker asked us to come. Apparently there’s a good discount if a woman is part of your group. It was very loud and really cold, but kinda fun. Yancy and I rented a 9mm and a 45. The first one was ok. I thought I’d be scared of the bigger gun, but it was actually more fun to shoot. It had so much kick that my arm would literally go up at least 6 inches after each shot! I definitely killed my target… a lot (picture below). Yancy had a blast! Some of his other coworkers from Amazon were also having a first time experience with guns and I had fun watching them too. We all went out for dinner at an Italian pizza place after. It was a very different and interesting evening. 🙂

For July 4th I did an early morning open water swim with some friends. Some were just getting exercise and some of us were practicing for the big event on July 8th: Wademan (see my post on 7/8/12). We swam 1.5 miles in Lake Washington, close to were Sunday’s swim would be. It was such a beautiful day and I loved being out there with like minded people. At one point I looked up and saw the perfect view of Mount Rainier. After the swim Yancy and I went out for breakfast and ran some errands, then headed out for a hike. We were originally planning a challenging hike to Lake Serene (about 8 miles round trip with a BIG elevation gain). But we got such a late start that I decided to do a different hike: Big Creek Falls & Otter Falls (out near Snoqualmie Middle Fork Road). It’s a LONG drive over the nastiest pot holey road I’ve ever driven on. No joke! But when you get out there at last, it’s so quiet and beautiful. I had done the hike last year with my friend Stephanie, but didn’t really remember the details. Yancy looked online at the hike details but apparently didn’t read them because he was focusing on the driving directions… so we ended up having a little adventure. I misread the sign & map at the beginning and thought it was a much shorter hike. Then we didn’t take the right turn and went about 1.5 miles UP a very rocky and steady incline. We turned around when we met other hikers and realized we’d gone the wrong way. So three miles in, we get on the right path… but didn’t realize that out destination was still almost FIVE miles ahead. Yancy was hurting pretty bad before we reached it, but he knew I really wanted to see the falls so put on his game face and pushed though. This is why I love him! Even though he wasn’t ready for a hike of this distance yet, he still went so that I would be happy. When we finally reached Big Creek Falls we sat down and had a picnic. Those luke warm sandwiches tasted so good! We took the “secret” side path to see Otter Falls and Lipsy Lake and it was worth it! By the time we were almost done it was my turn to be miserable. My feet were hurting so bad and I was feeling just a little exhausted. In the future Yancy’s probably gonna think twice about letting me lead a hike! We had hoped to do 6-8 miles and ended doing over 13!!! And it on the kind of rocky path that just kills your feet. Between that hike and the swim, I burned some serious calories that day! 🙂

My 30th birthday party was a lot of fun. Can’t remember if I posted about this or not, but Yancy SURPRISED me a few days earlier with a brand spanking new gas grill. I was carrying groceries into the house after work and had to do a double take when I came around the corner and saw the grill sitting in the yard. It’s so awesome! We’ve done a few meals on it already and love it (except that Yancy accidentally left the gas on over night so the tank is empty now). My mom and bff Paula came over as well as a whole bunch of my local friends. We had planned to go to the beach, but with the new grill I decided to have everyone to our place. The weather was perfect for outdoor fun in the yard. We came inside and played a dice game and had a few drinks when it started getting dark. Couldn’t have asked for a better day. Good bye 20’s! It was fun, but I’m looking ahead for more adventures in my 30’s! :O)
I know I already posted about my swim, but the aftermath is still a problem. The sudden increase in swimming (Team swim practice 7/2, 1.5 miles on 7/4, and 2.5 miles on 7/8) gave me “bicep tendonitis” in my right shoulder. Basically makes it very painful to lift my arm. After some icing, massage, and rest, it’s doing much better. Even with this annoying little set back, I still feel really proud of myself. How many people do you know can say they’ve jumped in a lake and swam 2.5 miles?!? I am so thankful for my health and for the support of friends!

The following weekend had no formal Team practice, so I went on a short hike with my friend Stephanie. It was a 3 mile hike to Wallace Falls (on the i90 corridor). OMG, it was crazy hot/muggy up there! The weather website said something like 96% humidity! And the mosquitoes were out in force. I got at least 7 bites. But it was all worth it to see the beautiful falls and spend time with my friend. She’s about 7 months pregnant, so the pace was slow and we had lots of time to chat. That evening Yancy and I went to a play to watch another friend of ours. It was the Gilbert & Sullivan “Iolanthe” play and Jessi was one of the singing fairies (one of the “funny” ones with a bent wand and high-top shoes). The show was pretty fun, but sometimes hard to understand. The plot was cute and it had a great ending. Jessi came out to say hi to us in costume. A little girl asked her for an autograph and it was so cute! After the show Yancy and I went out for a drink and desert at the Melting Pot. We got an assortment of things to dip in a chocolate fondu. YUM! We need to go back there and try dinner… when we have some money to burn since the place was a little expensive.

On Tuesday last week I got suckered into being a sub for the office volley ball team. They play in a lower level league once a week. Two coworkers were on vacation, two were out with injuries, and another had to work so they were hurting for teammates and asked me last minute. I haven’t played volley ball since early high school and I remember being pretty terrible at it. Plus I didn’t get to practice at all before the games started. But I didn’t suck quite as bad as I expected. We lost 5 out of the 5 games, but it wasn’t a straight up slaughter. We only had 4 people playing a team that should have been 6! I enjoyed being out in the park getting some exercise, but not sure if I’ll be volunteering again for their team.

Here are the promised pictures:

Ok, this mostly catches up though last week. I better try to stay up to date (or else be less adventurous), because this took so long to write. And there’s still much more! Ta Ta For Now.


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