Busy girl!

Ok, I’m pretty much caught up on blogging. I didn’t realize how busy I’ve been! This has been a really fun month and August will be more of the same. I was starting to whine about being bored on my days off. When I went to part time work I had all these grand ideas of hobbies I’d take up while home (quilting, scrap-booking, exercising more, going for long bike rides…), but I feel like all I do is try to keep up with house work, then sit around a lot. So when I got a call from an ophthalmology clinic (who I had sent my resume to several months ago) asking me to come in for an interview, I decided to give it a shot. I’ve now done two interviews and should find out on Wednesday or Thursday if they want to offer me the job. It’s only per diem and would be flexible enough to work around my job at LLS. We’ll see what happens. They have one other candidate that they’re considering. If they offer her the job instead I really won’t be bummed. But I will start looking for something after the triathlon in September… just because I need to be busy, and I’d really like to be putting some money into savings instead of living month to month.

I’m super excited for this weekend! It’s the Burns’ family reunion! They only do this every other year and it’s always a blast. My family will also be having a get-together the same weekend. It’s nice that both mine & Yancy’s family lives in the same area (other than his mom) so we can visit everyone during the same trip. I’m especially looking forward to visiting my grandma who’s been having some health issues lately (not sure if it’s ok to talk about on my blog). Can’t wait to give her a big hug. It’s going to be another laid back weekend, just spending time with wonderful people. And our actually anniversary is on Monday 8/6.

This weekend Yancy was on-call for work without a wireless card for his laptop which basically left him housebound. I went to bike practice on my own and goofed up on the directions which ended up becoming quite the adventure. I rode up the steepest hill I think I’ve ever met and nearly keeled over. But I felt proud of the accomplishment… and exhausted. After some lunch I went to my good friend Stephanie’s baby shower. Her friends are throwing one for her next weekend that I can’t go to, so I ended up going to the one her co-workers organized. I knew quite a few of them from when I worked there way back. It was actually kind of fun. They blindfolded Stephanie and made her unpack a bag of baby stuff and guess what it was. Very entertaining! 🙂 Her baby has lots of pink clothes now!

Yesterday we had the “recommitment party” with our Team in Training group. Our team for the San Diego triathlon is down to 13 members, 2 coaches, and one LLS staff person. It’s a small, but mighty team. We have a lot of fun and overcome a lot of obstacles. I’m getting so excited for our race in FORTY days! 🙂 I think Yancy is too. We’re also planning a nice vacation that week, which will most likely include 2 nights at a beach house in Mexico.

Tonight is the 500yard swim test. Yancy won’t get to participate because of work, but will do it on his own soon. I just have to get through the next 3 days of work, then off to another fantastic weekend. Can’t wait!


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