Like the first day

I’m walking to work today. It’s barely two miles, but since this is the first time walking it feels weird. How long will it take? Will I be hot by the time I get there? Should I take an umbrella just in case? Or extra shoes?

Well…. I better just go and get it over with. Tomorrow I’ll have more answers.

Oh, and I think today is my grandma’s second chemo treatment. Fingers are crossed that this one goes as smoothly and with good results. I think she’s also getting a cat scan to check the status of her cancer. I’m ready for some good news!



I know NINE people doing an Ironman triathlon today (that’s a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run) in Penticton, Canada! I met all of them through Team in Training and they each inspire me. A little over a year ago I was considering signing up for this same event, but decided that I wasn’t healthy enough. I struggle with my weight and was getting sick VERY often. Since leaving my last job I haven’t been sick once! But I still need to loose a lot of weight before taking on a challenge like Ironman. It’s still a dream though, something I hope to accomplish before I die.

Sundays are great!

We slept in this morning until almost 10am and have very few plans for the day. It feels good to have these easy days. In a little while Yancy and I will go move some furniture around in the living room. Then probably have a second cup of coffee. The rest of the plans for the day include relaxing, grocery shopping, BBQ’ing, and relaxing. 🙂

Yesterday morning was Team practice and we did a mini triathlon. I skipped the swim because my chest is still healing after the tattoo laser treatment… don’t want to risk infection. We did one loop around Mercer Island (about 13.5 miles) on the bike and then a 3 mile run… well Yancy and I just walked. His plantar fasciitis is really acting up again.  😦  In the afternoon we shopped. I donated $5 to LLS and got a 25% off shopping pass at Macy’s. I got GREAT deals on some items I’ve been needing. Yancy played taxi and went to a book store while I was shopping. After the exercise and shopping I needed a nap.  😛 Then it was time for the Sounders game: 90+ minutes of pure entertainment. The final score was 6-2 and I was up and down off the couch yelling for about half of it.  🙂

I’m reading a book called The Happiness Project that a friend gave me for my birthday. It’s really inspiring me to look at areas of my life that could be improved. The first thing on my list is working on my home. I could do a better job of keeping it clean and free of clutter. So for the next month or so I’ll be working on some big home projects. Today we’re working on the layout of the living room. Next I’d like to tackle my dresser and closet and get rid of clothes I never wear. The next two big projects will be cleaning out the storage room and then working on my art pile (I have quite a few unfinished projects). After some of the more physical projects I’m going to take on a more introspective one: meditation. I know how to do it, know that it makes me feel better, but haven’t got the discipline to do it regularly. Maybe I can integrate it with Yoga or some sort of artwork, maybe even some nature walks. Finding my inner calm will help me both physically and mentally.

Well, that’s it for now.   🙂

WhooHoo it’s my Friday!

Wowzers! I barely made it though my work week! SOooo much data entry! I had to put headphones and plow through. Now I can officially start my weekend! I told Yancy I want to go on a date tonight, so maybe we’ll go see a movie and grab some dinner. Tomorrow morning I’ll go for a walk with Stephanie. My big plans for the day are housework… yippy… and hopefully a trip to the local farmer’s market. Saturday morning should be a fun Team practice. We’re doing a mini triathlon!

My tattoo is still healing after Tuesday night’s treatment. It doesn’t seem quite as bad as last time even though she did the same power on the laser. Maybe it seems better because I was expecting it this time? In the picture below, remember that the tattoo itself is black… all that red is pissed off skin!

This is about 12 hours after the laser treatment

Update on Grandma

For those who I haven’t talked to, I just wanted to let you know that my grandma is doing better and her body is responding well to the first round of chemo. She has less pain and is able to eat more food again. She sounded so happy when I talked to her on the phone last week! The first thing she did was tease me about giant house spiders. 🙂 Please continue to keep our family in your thoughts and prayers. This is going to be a tough battle, but my grandma is a strong woman!


Friday was a long, HOT day! I spent the whole day at home prepping tamale meat. It was one of the hotter days for Seattle and I had two crock pots going with meat (for 10 hours). I chopped 6 giant onions and cooked them, chopped 9 yellow and red peppers & a bunch of fresh tomatoes, then stewed it all together to make a yummy sauce for the meat. This time I wasn’t able to resist the urge for ice cream…  😛 We went to Bluebird Creamery and I got some yummy peanut butter ice cream.

Saturday morning we did a 24 mile bike ride around Mercer Island with our TNT group. I had a great time and felt good about my speed for most of it. Even the hills were no match for my optimism! After a good hot shower and trying on about 3 different shirts, I picked an outfit and packed an over night bag. My friend picked me up and we drove to the Tulalip Casino were we met up with more friends for a bachelorette party. There was shopping, and dinner, and gambling, and desert, and swimming, and lots of fun. Our rooms were super nice (&expensive). On Sunday morning we all had brunch together before going our separate ways.

I got home and relaxed a bit before jumping back up on the work horse. Yancy and I made about 10 dozen tamales (chicken and pork) before calling it a night. We got pizza and relaxed for what was left of the evening. Today I made another batch of pork tamales by myself and made enchiladas with the leftovers from the chicken meat. YUM! We had swim practice at Mercer Island with the Team and now are back home to enjoy the enchiladas. Fortunately it looks like all the tamales will be sold and we won’t have to eat them ourselves. There were literally only 5 left. Phew!

Tomorrow will be another very busy day at work. Then in the evening I have a laser tattoo removal appointment. Ugh! The last one was pretty brutal and I have a feeling tomorrow’s will be the same (because there were good results from the last treatment). I can’t wait to be done with this whole stupid process! If you know of any kids talking about how awesome tattoos are… just let me talk to them! I’m not against tattoos, just strongly feel that you should be patient and give lots of thought to what you get and where you put it!

And now it’s time to say good night!  🙂

Halfway point

I’m having a little bit of a tough week. I may have slightly over done it at the gym on Monday. My arms and shoulders are so sore! Then I drank one of their protein smoothies for lunch and felt sick for most of the day. Yancy worked late and I just couldn’t get the motivation to go to swim practice. Work is super busy right now while I’m processing mountains of paperwork for a really big marathon team. I ended up skipping spin class last night too.  😦 I had all my stuff set out to do the 5:45am class this morning but had a terrible night of sleep and just wasn’t able to get up this morning. That pretty much wraps up my confessional. On the upside, we were both craving ice cream last night and went with fresh apples instead for the win.

The night before last I had a scarey encounter with an eight-legged creature that has left me mentally unstable. I went into the bathroom around 11:30pm and after sitting down saw the HUGEST SPIDER EVER on the mat not far from my bare feet. I have a thing about spiders and this one scared the bajeezers outa me! I was standing on the toilet screaming for Yancy before I even realized what I was doing. He came in grumbling and when he saw the spider, took a step back and said “Oh, that is big!” He took care of it, but I was still having a serious adrenaline rush and had a hard time sleeping. This thing was something like four inches across counting the legs! Even with my blurry vision, it was horrendous! Yancy says it was a “giant house spider” which seems like an appropriate name. But it has me all paranoid because I never wear shoes in the house, and this F-er was just sitting in the middle of my bathroom!

Last night I had a nightmare that another one was on the wall above the dresser. Yancy says I was nearly screaming and just about crawled over him. This isn’t my first spider “night terror.” In fact I’ve had many of these, and poor Yancy has always been so patient with me. He has to turn on the light and show me that there are really no spiders, convince me that I was dreaming, and snuggle me back to sleep. What would I do without him?!?!

Well, I’m about to head into work for another grueling day of “paper pushing” but then I get to come home and take a nap and I’ll be half way though the week! 🙂

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