Weekend with family

Yancy and I had a wonderful weekend! We started the trip as soon as he could get off work on Thursday. Traffic was the worst just getting out of Seattle. We arrived at “the farm” around 11pm and had a glass of wine with the Pullman Burns’ and Yancy’s dad before heading to bed. Friday morning Yancy and I went for a bike ride. It was supposed to be about 22 miles, but I had some mechanical issues. Been having a problem with my back tire feeling “soft” for the last few weeks. It was killing me on the ride… felt like riding with the back break constantly engaged. I had thought it was a slow leak in the tube, but when we stopped to change it we discovered the wheel was bent and a spoke was broken. I managed to ride it the rest of the way to Oroville while battling a very strong head wind, but was totally exhausted. Yancy left me at the coffee shop and rode the rest of the way back to our car to come pick me up. I still got 17 miles in, and I think I burned extra calories because of the conditions, and some other guys on bicycles stopped and visited with me for a while, so it still ended up being a good time. Just not happy about having to buy a new wheel (don’t think I can repair this one).

In the afternoon we joined the family out at the beach, it’s a privately owned beach on Lake Osoyoos. In fact, it’s the same place Yancy and I got married 7 years ago! The weather was hot and the lake so inviting, but the water is still pretty cold. By dinner time a good majority of the Burns family had arrived out at the farm. We had “Mexican” dinner complete with homemade tamales (by yours truly), yummy fajitas, tacos, beans, and more deliciousness. Oh, and a few drinks. đŸ˜‰ That evening the family stayed outside by the bonfire until at least 12am. Yancy and I were pretty tired from the bike ride (&little sleep the night before) so were the early birds of the bunch. Plus I was getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Saturday morning breakfast was fun, pancakes and coffee. It’s fun to be part of such a big family that has so much love. We all sat around in the yard chatting for the morning. In the afternoon we all moved out to the beach with LOTS of snacks and drinks. I got a little sunburnt, and had a little too many snacks, but still had a great time. Yancy and I headed back to the farm early and laid outside on the grass in the shade for a little nap. Dinner was another huge extravaganza. Two BBQ’s were going with hamburgers and steaks. There were too many side dishes to name. Let’s just say no one went hungry… or thirsty. I had a lot of wine and a great time visiting with everyone. When the mosquitoes starting in on me again I went into the guest house to hang out with Yancy’s cousin Tamara. We listened to music and I painted my nails a hideous color of pink. I decided I was “cut-off” after spilling half a glass of wine all over myself.

Sunday morning started with more pancakes. I got the very first ones, shaped like Mickey! More coffee and chatting, and then a family photo. Folks were starting to either head home or out to the lake again. Yancy and I said our farewells and went to my mom’s house in Tonasket for an evening with my side of the family. We started off with a big slideshow of old photos via projector. That was entertaining. Unfortunately a lot of the slides had been damaged over time. Still fun listing to my mom and grandma & grandpa talking about the pictures. We had another huge and yummy meal, beer-can chicken, ribs, grilled veggies, homemade potato salad, bread, and other side dishes. For desert we had berries and whipped cream over a scone or biscuit. YUM! I forced everyone to take a family photo, but unfortunately they turned out mostly blurry. I managed to break my mom’s recliner. I felt so bad, but she was so nice about it. My step-dad Kevin and his son Matt were able to fix it though, so all was well. Yancy and I went back to the farm and had more time to visit with family and watch some olympics.

Monday it was time to head home. I had such a wonderful, fun, and yet relaxing weekend, that I didn’t want to leave. But as with any trip, it’s always good to go home to your own space and own bed again. After a very long and hot drive, we made it home in time to unpack, have a sandwich, then head back out again to Mercer Island where we met with our TNT group for the first open water practice. Some of our teammates were using their wetsuits for the first time and I’m really proud of how well everyone did. Yancy and I had a little bite to eat at a shish-ka-bob joint on our way home. We were pretty tired and had already done as much celebrating as we were going to do for our 7 year wedding anniversary.

Monday was my grandma’s first chemo treatment. When we were having dinner the night before she looked really well and was able to eat a decent meal. She even took the day off of her pain meds. It sounds like the treatment went well and Grandma is feeling pretty good today. I’m already looking forward to going back for another visit.

Today Yancy went back to work and I stayed home for a quiet day. I did some housework, took a nap, and  painted my nails with some new colors that my Grandma gave me (part of a belated birthday gift). Yancy and I grilled for dinner: buffalo steak and some chicken for tomorrow. We had a vegetable side dish (inspired by my mom) of green & yellow zucchinis, red & orange bell peppers, red onion, and mushrooms. YUM! We’re heading out now for trivia night at the Wing Dome, a fundraiser hosted by one of our teammates. Wish us luck!
Pictures to come in a later post.


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