Weekend wrap-up

I really love living in this part of Seattle! On Friday night they closed down most of Greenwood (a major street) and had a big street party. There was 3 on 3 street soccer tournaments, lots of live music, entertainment for kids, treats and obstacle courses for dogs, chalk everywhere for people to draw on the streets, people doing art right out in the streets, coffee tasting, a hula dance show, lots of businesses with booths, the food bank building a tower of canned food, firefighters showing off their truck, and so much more. I enjoyed walking up and down the street with what felt like hundreds of other people (spread out). Lots of families and dogs. 🙂 We spent some time with friends and had a BBQ dinner before heading up the street. The only bad part is that I wore my old flip-flops and re-injured a blister on my foot that’s not healing up well. It came back to haunt me the next day.

Saturday morning was a tough practice with our triathlon team. We had a special guest come share the “mission moment” before we started. Jonelle had cancer her senior year of college and is an inspiring survivor. She races with Team in Training, raising money as a sort of “pay back” for the research and medications that saved her life. Hearing stories like hers really makes me feel good about what I do (racing for TNT and working for LLS). It was a beautiful, hot day. We did an “aussie style brick” (bike, run, bike, run…). The bike was an 8 mile loop which included a climb up Inglewood hill… which I have had nothing but bad experiences on. About half way up I was too out of breath to continue. I took some time to recover, then walked my bike to a driveway flat enough to get started again. I had to stop a second time. Several people passed and asked if I was ok. Man, I sure hate being fat!! It’s hard enough in everyday life, but when I start climbing a hill it’s unbearable. I finally made it up the hill and to the turn around. Coming back down the hill I hit 43.2 mph!!! And that’s with breaking! Around 40mph I hit a bump that dislodged my water bottle. It could have been really dangerous to drop it… and a pain to go back for it. Luckily I was able to pin the bottle between my left knee and right ankle. I gently braked down the rest of the hill and around the corner until I could safely get on a sidewalk and stop before the bottle fell. That was a little exciting. By the time I got back to the starting point, my foot was really hurting. We tried doctoring it up before the 2 mile run, but the attempt failed. I was pretty fed up at this point and decided to call it quits for the day. 😦 Yancy made me proud though. Even though that hill is super hard for him too, he still did it. Twice. And even though he has been battling plantar fasciitis, he still did two loops of the run. Our triathlon is only 25 days away and I’m feeling less fit than I should be. But a lot can happen in 3 weeks, we’ll see where I’m at in September.

This morning I went for walk with my friend. Later today I’m going to do a little strength training at the gym, and some swimming at the lake with my team. Tomorrow night I’m planning to do a spin class. I also weighed myself today and am committing to track my food for the next 2 weeks using the Weight Watchers web site.  Yancy and I have stopped drinking alcohol until after the race. We’re getting ready to give the paleo “diet” another try.  We’re both pretty sick of our current physical state and ready to make some changes.

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