Halfway point

I’m having a little bit of a tough week. I may have slightly over done it at the gym on Monday. My arms and shoulders are so sore! Then I drank one of their protein smoothies for lunch and felt sick for most of the day. Yancy worked late and I just couldn’t get the motivation to go to swim practice. Work is super busy right now while I’m processing mountains of paperwork for a really big marathon team. I ended up skipping spin class last night too.  😦 I had all my stuff set out to do the 5:45am class this morning but had a terrible night of sleep and just wasn’t able to get up this morning. That pretty much wraps up my confessional. On the upside, we were both craving ice cream last night and went with fresh apples instead for the win.

The night before last I had a scarey encounter with an eight-legged creature that has left me mentally unstable. I went into the bathroom around 11:30pm and after sitting down saw the HUGEST SPIDER EVER on the mat not far from my bare feet. I have a thing about spiders and this one scared the bajeezers outa me! I was standing on the toilet screaming for Yancy before I even realized what I was doing. He came in grumbling and when he saw the spider, took a step back and said “Oh, that is big!” He took care of it, but I was still having a serious adrenaline rush and had a hard time sleeping. This thing was something like four inches across counting the legs! Even with my blurry vision, it was horrendous! Yancy says it was a “giant house spider” which seems like an appropriate name. But it has me all paranoid because I never wear shoes in the house, and this F-er was just sitting in the middle of my bathroom!

Last night I had a nightmare that another one was on the wall above the dresser. Yancy says I was nearly screaming and just about crawled over him. This isn’t my first spider “night terror.” In fact I’ve had many of these, and poor Yancy has always been so patient with me. He has to turn on the light and show me that there are really no spiders, convince me that I was dreaming, and snuggle me back to sleep. What would I do without him?!?!

Well, I’m about to head into work for another grueling day of “paper pushing” but then I get to come home and take a nap and I’ll be half way though the week! 🙂


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