Friday was a long, HOT day! I spent the whole day at home prepping tamale meat. It was one of the hotter days for Seattle and I had two crock pots going with meat (for 10 hours). I chopped 6 giant onions and cooked them, chopped 9 yellow and red peppers & a bunch of fresh tomatoes, then stewed it all together to make a yummy sauce for the meat. This time I wasn’t able to resist the urge for ice cream…  😛 We went to Bluebird Creamery and I got some yummy peanut butter ice cream.

Saturday morning we did a 24 mile bike ride around Mercer Island with our TNT group. I had a great time and felt good about my speed for most of it. Even the hills were no match for my optimism! After a good hot shower and trying on about 3 different shirts, I picked an outfit and packed an over night bag. My friend picked me up and we drove to the Tulalip Casino were we met up with more friends for a bachelorette party. There was shopping, and dinner, and gambling, and desert, and swimming, and lots of fun. Our rooms were super nice (&expensive). On Sunday morning we all had brunch together before going our separate ways.

I got home and relaxed a bit before jumping back up on the work horse. Yancy and I made about 10 dozen tamales (chicken and pork) before calling it a night. We got pizza and relaxed for what was left of the evening. Today I made another batch of pork tamales by myself and made enchiladas with the leftovers from the chicken meat. YUM! We had swim practice at Mercer Island with the Team and now are back home to enjoy the enchiladas. Fortunately it looks like all the tamales will be sold and we won’t have to eat them ourselves. There were literally only 5 left. Phew!

Tomorrow will be another very busy day at work. Then in the evening I have a laser tattoo removal appointment. Ugh! The last one was pretty brutal and I have a feeling tomorrow’s will be the same (because there were good results from the last treatment). I can’t wait to be done with this whole stupid process! If you know of any kids talking about how awesome tattoos are… just let me talk to them! I’m not against tattoos, just strongly feel that you should be patient and give lots of thought to what you get and where you put it!

And now it’s time to say good night!  🙂


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