WhooHoo it’s my Friday!

Wowzers! I barely made it though my work week! SOooo much data entry! I had to put headphones and plow through. Now I can officially start my weekend! I told Yancy I want to go on a date tonight, so maybe we’ll go see a movie and grab some dinner. Tomorrow morning I’ll go for a walk with Stephanie. My big plans for the day are housework… yippy… and hopefully a trip to the local farmer’s market. Saturday morning should be a fun Team practice. We’re doing a mini triathlon!

My tattoo is still healing after Tuesday night’s treatment. It doesn’t seem quite as bad as last time even though she did the same power on the laser. Maybe it seems better because I was expecting it this time? In the picture below, remember that the tattoo itself is black… all that red is pissed off skin!

This is about 12 hours after the laser treatment


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