Beautiful weekend!

We had a Team “reunion” party on Friday night. Dinner and drinks with some of our triathlon teammates. I decided to indulge in the drinking and had quite the night! Ended up at a bar in Wallingford around 12:30am… some interesting people watching there for sure! I made it home without any adventures… but definitely suffered the next day. I’ll spare you the details, but lets just say I probably won’t be drinking again for quite a while.  😛

Saturday was pretty laid back. In the evening we went to Green Lake to volunteer at the Light the Night Walk. We did the “sweeper” walk to make sure everyone finished. Wow, it was such a beautiful night! It got dark very quickly as the walk started. The sky was clear and the full moon was so bright! As far as we could tell there we no disasters, which made our job easy. I just enjoyed the night time walk with Yancy. We said hi to some of my coworkers and had a hot dog before heading home.

This morning I had a coffee date with my good friend Stephanie. I walked there and then Yancy picked me up afterwards to head to Bremerton. Our very good friend’s mom is in the hospital after a very scarey problem with heart failure. She’s still in the ICU two weeks later. I think she appreciated the visit and it was good to see our friends Mike & Joey too. After the hospital, we had lunch at a brewery in Silverdale. It was yet another beautiful day to be out and about. We live in such a gorgeous place!!! Only one little adventure today… the car battery died on the ferry. It’s pretty embarrassing when everyone is unloading and you’re stuck blocking the way. Of course the ferry workers were prepared for this and had a little machine to jump our battery. We didn’t even have the lights on during the ride… Looks like we’ll be replacing a battery soon. Besides the battery problem, this car (Honda Civic 2008) has been totally dependent.

Tomorrow Yancy goes back to work and I get to clean house… I’ve been a little lazy the last couple weeks and it really needs a couple hours of work. Yippee!  😛


A new beginning?

Today I learned that the TNT group I’ve been working with is going through a re-organization. The part time position I worked in is being combined with another person’s duties and made full time. I didn’t want the full time position… So next Wednesday will be my last day there. I’m feeling a mixture of sadness and excitement. I’ll miss working for such an amazing organization. But now I’m free to start the next chapter of my life. Since we are not dependent on my income, I have the freedom to look for something I’ll enjoy. Maybe I can find a physical therapy office to work in to get a better idea if that’s the field I want to pursue. Or maybe a gym, or wine shop, or daycare? So many options!!! In fact, all the options are a little overwhelming. But I have definitely decided that I’ll not be going back to eye care. So what’s next?…Stay tuned!  😛

Fun as a kid = my values

What were your favorite activities as a child? Here’s what I remember enjoying:

  1. Swimming (even running through sprinklers)
  2. Climbing trees
  3. Building forts (both in and out doors)
  4. Riding my bicycle
  5. Playing with my pets (mostly cats & dogs)
  6. Playing pretend “restaurant”
  7. Playing with my sister
  8. Making new friends

As I got older my interests changed a little

  1. I loved talking on the phone and sleepovers with my friends
  2. I loved soccer (especially the co-ed community teams)
  3. Decorating my own room
  4. Trying new recipes (even though I didn’t have an special gift in the kitchen)
  5. I got very interested in the church during my teens
  6. I really loved listening to stories of missionaries and other people who traveled the world
  7. I started getting more interested in reading books
  8. I loved watching birds and the clouds
  9. I liked driving once I had my own car

Looking back at these lists, here’s a partial list of my values:

  • I love the outdoors/nature
  • I am adventurous
  • I like to have “my own” place
  • I like to move
  • I am social (have a desire to connect)
  • I am interested in the world outside of my small circle
  • I like to learn new things

These lists are incomplete, but fun to write down and contemplate. I like who I am and would like to spend more time doing the things that make me happy. It’s good to think about and remember who you are and what you need/want from life.


Hi ho hi ho

It’s back to work I go…


I’m back home after a very nice weekend with family. That wraps up the traveling for this season. Next trip will probably be Thanksgiving. I’m looking forward to getting back into the routine of my daily life. But first… I’m gonna take a nap.   😉

Reverse resolution?

I have a crack-pot idea… How about a backwards new year’s resolution? Instead of waiting until Jan 1st to create new goals and giving them a half-assed attempt, how about doing it now and counting down to Jan 1st? I’m still reading The Happiness Project and getting inspired to try a mini-version of a similar project. I’d like to dedicate the next three months to exploring my passions and working on self improvement. I’d like to work on some art projects I’ve been procrastinating. I’d like to get back into the Paleo cooking and try new recipes. I’d like to devote some time to trying yoga and meditation.

I’m at an interesting time in my life; I have lots of free time, and the future is wide open! I’ve made the decision to end my career in eye care. But I haven’t completely decided what my next career will be. I have a few ideas, but I’d like to spend the next few months contemplating what will make me the happiest while still paying the bills. A lot can happen in three months!  🙂

Stuck at home

I had some health issues yesterday that I don’t really want to discuss online. But I’m home for a few days recovering. Feeling fine, just a little sore. My friend sent me a pie! Personally delivered by our favorite local pie shop. :O)  How cool is that? Pie, it’s the new flowers.  Hopefully I’ll finally take some time to catch up all my photos from vacation. I probably won’t post too many here. I’m hoping to create a video or slideshow of some sort with them. Should be a fun project.  🙂

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