Fun as a kid = my values

What were your favorite activities as a child? Here’s what I remember enjoying:

  1. Swimming (even running through sprinklers)
  2. Climbing trees
  3. Building forts (both in and out doors)
  4. Riding my bicycle
  5. Playing with my pets (mostly cats & dogs)
  6. Playing pretend “restaurant”
  7. Playing with my sister
  8. Making new friends

As I got older my interests changed a little

  1. I loved talking on the phone and sleepovers with my friends
  2. I loved soccer (especially the co-ed community teams)
  3. Decorating my own room
  4. Trying new recipes (even though I didn’t have an special gift in the kitchen)
  5. I got very interested in the church during my teens
  6. I really loved listening to stories of missionaries and other people who traveled the world
  7. I started getting more interested in reading books
  8. I loved watching birds and the clouds
  9. I liked driving once I had my own car

Looking back at these lists, here’s a partial list of my values:

  • I love the outdoors/nature
  • I am adventurous
  • I like to have “my own” place
  • I like to move
  • I am social (have a desire to connect)
  • I am interested in the world outside of my small circle
  • I like to learn new things

These lists are incomplete, but fun to write down and contemplate. I like who I am and would like to spend more time doing the things that make me happy. It’s good to think about and remember who you are and what you need/want from life.



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