Beautiful weekend!

We had a Team “reunion” party on Friday night. Dinner and drinks with some of our triathlon teammates. I decided to indulge in the drinking and had quite the night! Ended up at a bar in Wallingford around 12:30am… some interesting people watching there for sure! I made it home without any adventures… but definitely suffered the next day. I’ll spare you the details, but lets just say I probably won’t be drinking again for quite a while.ย  ๐Ÿ˜›

Saturday was pretty laid back. In the evening we went to Green Lake to volunteer at the Light the Night Walk. We did the “sweeper” walk to make sure everyone finished. Wow, it was such a beautiful night! It got dark very quickly as the walk started. The sky was clear and the full moon was so bright! As far as we could tell there we no disasters, which made our job easy. I just enjoyed the night time walk with Yancy. We said hi to some of my coworkers and had a hot dog before heading home.

This morning I had a coffee date with my good friend Stephanie. I walked there and then Yancy picked me up afterwards to head to Bremerton. Our very good friend’s mom is in the hospital after a very scarey problem with heart failure. She’s still in the ICU two weeks later. I think she appreciated the visit and it was good to see our friends Mike & Joey too. After the hospital, we had lunch at a brewery in Silverdale. It was yet another beautiful day to be out and about. We live in such a gorgeous place!!! Only one little adventure today… the car battery died on the ferry. It’s pretty embarrassing when everyone is unloading and you’re stuck blocking the way. Of course the ferry workers were prepared for this and had a little machine to jump our battery. We didn’t even have the lights on during the ride… Looks like we’ll be replacing a battery soon. Besides the battery problem, this car (Honda Civic 2008) has been totally dependent.

Tomorrow Yancy goes back to work and I get to clean house… I’ve been a little lazy the last couple weeks and it really needs a couple hours of work. Yippee!ย  ๐Ÿ˜›


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