And… more pictures… (mostly food)

In case you haven’t seen enough of my amateur photography today… here’s a few more for ya!


Beautiful walk today!

After getting all my housework done this morning I found myself bored…. again. So this afternoon I took a walk down to and around Green Lake. I took my sweet time and enjoyed the Fall colors and the big gusts of wind. I may have gone a little crazy with the camera, but I had a good time! Came home to cook dinner for my hubby. Pork chops with sweet potato and green salad.

These pictures are for you Grandma!  🙂

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I finally made it to the gym in… well… longer than I want to admit. I enjoyed it, as I knew I would. Why does it take so much effort to just get started doing something that I know I’m going to enjoy? We went around 11am and the cardio equipment was pretty crowded. I had hoped to do the stairmaster for a bit but ended up on the less cool stepmaster (picture stairmaster meets eliptical, you stand on pedals and basically march straight up & down). The gym has only 4 of the fancy stairmasters (picture an eternal flight of stairs, moving under you non-stop and at variable speeds) and all 4 were occupied by very fit looking people. So I did the stepmaster for 10 minutes then headed into the pool for 20 minutes of lap swimming… enjoying every minute. Then I sat in the hot tub and waited for Yancy. There may have been a reckless drive through TacoBell on the way home… but I don’t recall exactly.  😛

It’s time for another relaxing evening at home with my hubby. We’ll probably watch a movie with dinner (pecan crusted chicken). Tomorrow Yancy heads back to work and I start yet another exciting week as a house-wife.  😛

Jumping through hoops

There’s still lots of paperwork to do and some details I need to figure out, but it looks like I’m going into the Entrepreneurship program at North Seattle Community College, starting on 1/2/13. I’m having to jump through some hoops, but it also looks like I’ll be getting unemployment benefits and some financial aid for school. More details on that when I know more… probably in 2-3 weeks. Entrepreneurship seems out of the blue, but I really think this program will give me a solid foundation to build future dreams on. It will give me basic skills of business management and how to create my own company. What happens next is up to me. The future is wide open!

After two days of sitting through talks at the college and filling out a LOT of paperwork, I am really ready for the weekend! I’m also looking forward to tomorrow night’s dinner experiment: pecan crusted chicken with steamed veggies, and maybe a baked stuffed apple for desert.  🙂


Ok, this has been one of the more boring weeks of my life. Not much housework to do. And for some reason I just can’t seem to motivate myself to do any of the art projects I have lying around, or read the pile of “self help” books on the shelf, or go spend hours at the gym. At least I’m cooking some great meals for my hubby. And I got out both Monday and Tuesday to walk with a friend. Both my local friends have babies to keep them busy… I just have a cat that sleeps most of the day. I need something else to do! I’m thinking of going out to find another temp job. But tomorrow I’m going to the community college for a workshop to see what kind of financial aid I can get. I have my eyes set on a specific program and hopefully I can start winter quarter (Jan 2nd). Registration isn’t until Nov 13th, so I won’t know if I get into the classes or what my schedule’s going to be which makes looking for a job a little tough right now. 😦

Today Yancy is working from home so I’ll at least not be so lonely. I’m getting ready to experiment with “pancakes” for breakfast… using almond meal instead of flour (with coconut & blueberries to sweeten it) and agave nectar instead of syrup. Then I’ll start the crock-pot with beef, cabbage, onion, carrots, and potato (cause it’s cheap)…

Breakfast, even score?

Sleeping in way past our alarms and skipping the walk we had planned: FAIL

Getting dinner in the crock-pot, remembering to take out the garbage on time, and cooking a healthy breakfast: WIN


Since I slept in with Yancy, the crock-pot dinner didn’t happen today. Instead I did a random dish with whatever leftovers I could get my hands on in the kitchen. Did a risotto (with bacon bits & onion) and another stir-fry. Used chicken, carrot, celery, red onion, mushrooms, and a fresh tomato…. and about a Tablespoon of chili sauce… It was my first time using the sauce and I didn’t realize how spicy it would be. Poor Yancy couldn’t eat the stir-fry because of the “heat.”  😦    Ah well, some lessons are learned harder than others!

I have tomorrow wide open with no plans. Don’t even have any housework to do… unless I want to rearrange something. Hope I can at least get my booty to the gym!

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