Life is good

Seattle is in the midst of a beautiful Fall season! The days are bright and crisp and the autumn colors take my breath away (as they do every year). I feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful place! On Thursday evening Yancy and I walked around Green Lake at sunset, it was dark and chilly by the time we were done, but still very pleasant out. This year I’m also getting more into the seasonal produce. We cooked a pumpkin today and made pumpkin/beef curry soup from a paleo recipe. It was pretty good, but has room for improvement. Now I have leftover pumpkin to cook something with. Hmmm, what should I make? Kinda thinking of being bad and making a pie… or some pancakes. 😉

Last night we had friends over for dinner. I planned a BBQ, but had overlooked the fact that it would be dark out by the time our friends arrived. The light over our front door is focused on the sidewalk and didn’t help Yancy much with the BBQ. But he went out there with his iPhone and we still pulled it off. 🙂 Today we slept in until nearly 10:30am! I had stayed up late watching a show, but still felt the effects of sleeping in… seems harder to wake up and get going when you’ve already lost several hours of your morning. We went for a short walk to eat out for breakfast and buy coffee beans. Otherwise, it’s been a quiet day indoors for us. That’s ok, we all need these kinds of days every once in a while. Tomorrow is the Sounders (whoo hooo) vs Portland Timbers (booo) game and our friends will be meeting us for an early dinner.

I really enjoy and appreciate my free time, my friends, and especially the quality time I’ve been spending with my husband lately. Life is good. (I hope that when my time on earth is done people will remember my motto…. Life is good!)


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