More motivation

I’ve been doing my homework on the Paleo Diet and am getting motivated to give it another try (I only really did it faithfully for about two weeks last time, but lost about 7 pounds). I’m planning to start next week. Still trying to decide if I want to give up coffee again… it would be extra tough right now when the days are getting shorter. I think Yancy’s on board with me this time. His doctor told him today that if he doesn’t loose some weight he’ll have to start a blood pressure medication. This is actually good motivation for both of us!

I’m excited for a little road trip tomorrow to visit my grandparents (&mom). I’ll be spending a few quiet days there and then helping out with a yard sale. When I come back it’s time to get more serious with the diet and exercise… and probably start looking for another part time job. Yesterday and today I met with two friends who are personal trainers to grill them about their experiences and the pro’s/con’s of the business. I have a contact that might be able to get me an interview with a physical therapist (not that there’s a shortage of those to talk to).  I’m trying to get a better idea of what path I’d like to pursue next: physical therapy? personal training/coaching? business management? nutritionist? While I take some time to consider what makes me happy, I’ll also be researching the next career that will fit in with my other life goals.

Here’s a picture of my grandma and I from the last visit:



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