I had a really nice trip to visit my family! Most of my time was spent with Grandma. I left Seattle super early so I could tag along for her oncology/chemo appointment. She got great news and we are all so happy! The cancer sites shrunk 30-50%!!! Some of the tumors are smaller and others are gone all together. That’s after 3 of her 6 treatments. I sat with her though #4 and then we went to Pizza Hut to celebrate. 🙂 I could tell it was a huge relief for her to hear those words. It’s obvious to see that she’s feeling better, but it was so encouraging when the doctor went over the scans in detail showing the improvements.

Sometimes Grandma and I watched tv, sometimes we chatted or went for a little walk, sometimes I read a book. Always, I got fed amazing food! A girl could get so spoiled!!! Grandma does some amazing cooking and Grandpa does ALL the dishes! They taught me how to play pinochle and I got to observe “lady’s night pinochle” which was pretty fun. A bunch of ladies get together and play for about 3 hours with snacks and lots of chatting, laughing, and friendly competition. I got a kick out of Grandpa’s parrot Pepper (the second). He or she is quite spoiled, but much more laid back than Pepper the first. Grandpa loves that bird like a baby and shares all his food with it. He took me to the gun club for some trap shooting on Sunday. It was my first time shooting a shot gun. It had a 30 inch barrel and was heavy! I’m terrible at shooting stationary targets (which I’ve done all of twice) so it was no surprise that I’m worse at moving targets… I hit 4 out of 19 and that was mostly by luck! Hope I didn’t embarrass Grandpa too much! 🙂 Plus my shoulders are sore today…

I spent an evening with my mom and we went out for dinner with my father-in-law. His birthday is on Tuesday (& it’s a big one!) so I had to get him out for a little celebration while I was in town! I’m home now and looking forward to seeing my hubby again when he gets off work. The cat is sure glad to have me back, he hasn’t left my side. I’m also very excited to be going to visit my good friend Stephanie and her brand new baby girl this evening. Baby  Charley was born on 10/12 and I can’t wait to meet her… she’s gorgeous from the pictures! What happy times for my friends and family!

I can’t say enough how lucky I am to have such wonderful people in my life! And to live in the beautiful state on Washington! The drive across the state was just beautiful with all the fall colors (& the moon/stars on the outbound trip).

Pictures will come later.   🙂


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