24 hours?

It’s before 8am and Yancy is up and showered and made his own coffee! He’s getting ready to start a continuous 24 hour gaming session. So other than bathroom breaks and meals, he’ll be playing games nonstop until 8am tomorrow. It can be any kind of game; boardgames, computer games, games on the phone, card games, roll-playing games…. He’s doing this as a stunt to raise money for The Seattle Children’s Hospital (you can donate here). Last year he only made it about 16 hours, but I had been out of town and he ate a bunch of junk food. This time I’ll see to it that he only gets healthy foods! I’ll join him for a game or two, but mostly will do my own thing. I have some art projects I’ve been procrastinating… today is a good day to get started!

Last night we had dinner at a cousin’s house (Yancy’s older cousin and her husband). They live less than 5 miles from us, but this is our first time visiting with them for something like 7 years. It needs to happen more often! They are really neat people and we have some common interests. They have two boys and live in a huge/beautiful house on Queen Anne. Isn’t it great when your family is also your friend?  🙂

Tomorrow are two important soccer games, but will otherwise be a day of rest. 🙂   Oh, and I did check out the Pima Medical Institute the other day. They have a great career oriented program, but I don’t think it’s for me. I’m not especially passionate about becoming a physical therapist assistant, so dedicating the next 2 years of my life (full time condensed program) and spending >$29K doesn’t seem the smart choice. I’m more excited about the community college that I’ll be checking out next week.  🙂


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