Pics of dinner ;)

Ok, so my appetizer and desert didn’t come out exactly the way I expected, but we still made good work of it.  🙂 And I have some ideas of what to change next time. The eggs were ok, but very strong flavored. The stir-fry was also very strongly flavored with ginger, but everyone seemed to like it that way (the fibers from the ginger kinda annoyed me). The stuffed apples tasted great, but could still be improved in my opinion. Oh… and taking the core out of an apple while leaving the skin and the bottom in tact… not so easy! 😛

Our friends came over with their 8 day old baby. I think it was their first time out of the house for a non-doctor related trip. I held little Charley for a while and she had the hiccups. Sooo cute! We sent leftovers home with the new parents… Yancy’s back into his gaming and I got the dishes done. Now to curl up with a book.  😀

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