I finally made it to the gym in… well… longer than I want to admit. I enjoyed it, as I knew I would. Why does it take so much effort to just get started doing something that I know I’m going to enjoy? We went around 11am and the cardio equipment was pretty crowded. I had hoped to do the stairmaster for a bit but ended up on the less cool stepmaster (picture stairmaster meets eliptical, you stand on pedals and basically march straight up & down). The gym has only 4 of the fancy stairmasters (picture an eternal flight of stairs, moving under you non-stop and at variable speeds) and all 4 were occupied by very fit looking people. So I did the stepmaster for 10 minutes then headed into the pool for 20 minutes of lap swimming… enjoying every minute. Then I sat in the hot tub and waited for Yancy. There may have been a reckless drive through TacoBell on the way home… but I don’t recall exactly.  😛

It’s time for another relaxing evening at home with my hubby. We’ll probably watch a movie with dinner (pecan crusted chicken). Tomorrow Yancy heads back to work and I start yet another exciting week as a house-wife.  😛


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