Quiet week + annoying dilemma

Haven’t had much to post about this week. Mostly it’s been filling out paperwork for college and unemployment…. and waiting. In order to be eligible to receive unemployment payments I have to make 3 job contacts per week. Unfortunately this week that meant applying to three jobs I don’t want. I’m really just hoping that my application for “Commissioner Approved Training” gets accepted so I can go to college full time and not have to keep looking for work, or worse; having to take a job and juggle school at the same time. I’ve done it before and it’s not healthy. Next week I’ll be able to take some workshops in leu of actual job contacts which will hopefully give me enough time for the paperwork to make it’s way through the system. My current problem is that one of the three jobs I applied for has already called back asking for an interview. Their office is in Redmond which would be a commuting nightmare, plus they require weekends. I’m really regretting sending them my resume, but it’s a requirement to apply for jobs in my field and there were only three this week… Ugh! Just hoping my paperwork gets accepted fast and that maybe that employer will find someone better suited to their office.

Yesterday was Halloween and we stayed in mostly all day. Yancy worked from home and it rained. A lot. For dinner we decided to be BAD and have pizza and cinnamon rolls while watching a series of tv shows about a wizard who acted as a private investigator. We don’t get trick-or-treaters here because we’re at the back of the house (duplex). The neighbors upstairs seems to be having a great party though.  😛

It’s November 1st! Only 2 months left before the year 2013, yikes! Today my only plans are housework and lunch with my friend. Tomorrow I’m finally getting my hair done. (My bangs have been driving me crazy!) This weekend I’m attending TWO tough exercise classes which means I’ll be sore next week. But I’m looking forward to it!  🙂


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