Busy weekend

I’ve been busy having fun! After all the stress last week about that job I shouldn’t have sent a resume to, I just decided to call them and cancel the interview. The manager was really nice when I told her I had made a mistake and I felt better immediately after making the call. Hopefully later this week I’ll hear back about how my paperwork is going. Keep your fingers crossed! In the meantime I’ll be registering for classes first thing tomorrow morning. It looks like all the classes I want are still open. I’m getting excited about going back to school. I love learning and taking on new challenges!  🙂

On Friday I went in for an overdue hair appointment (color and bang trim) then spent the afternoon with my friend Jessi and her 1 year old daughter. We decided to get our husbands to take us all out to dinner, but after getting to the restaurant it was a madhouse and we decided to order food to go. We went back to their house and watched the Sounders playoff game against Real Salt Lake (0-0 draw) while eating and visiting. It was a really fun way to spend a Friday evening… but we weren’t done yet. On the way home Yancy and I thought we’d stop at a local bar where some of our friends were. I played darts with Megan and won (but probably only because she had been drinking before I got there), still it was fun. I had a couple hard ciders and found my new favorite: Woodchuck Granny Smith. YUM!!! We went home around 11:30 or 12:00.

Saturday morning (yesterday) I got up and went to a “boot camp” exercise class that a friend of mine hosted. She’s a new (&good) personal trainer and donated the proceeds to WA UNITED. It was fun and HARD! I was sweaty and sore before the end… and had a little heart burn from drinking the ciders the night before. After my shower I took a nap and we had a pretty quiet afternoon.

Today we did our first circuit class of the season with Cathy in Bellevue. We’ll be doing this for the next 5 or 6 Sundays. It’s a great workout in a fun group setting. Yancy got paged for work and missed the first few minutes but jumped right back in. He’s only on call for 1 week every couple months, but that pager has a funny way of going off at the most annoying times! After the class we went out to lunch with some TNT friends and then to Home Depot to buy window insulation kits. It’s getting pretty cold in the house these days and hopefully after insulating our single pane windows it’ll stay a bit warmer.

I’m already really sore from yesterday’s workout, and after today’s I’m sure to be whiny for the next several days. Yancy has promised me a massage, but I think I’ll schedule an official one this week. It’s been a while.

Here’s a few random pictures from the week:


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