I heard back on some of the paperwork I had submitted to Employment Security. They’re still deciding whether they’re going to approve my unemployment claim (because I quit my eye care job and because the last job was for a non-profit that didn’t pay unemployment insurance). They have denied my application for Commissioner Approved Training (that allows me to receive unemployment while attending school full time without searching for work) and Training Benefits (which extends the unemployment to a full year while I’m in school).  But their reasoning isn’t sound and I am going to file for an appeal. They are trying to tell me that my job is in high demand. Not sure how they can draw that conclusion when I provided proof that there are only 3 current job adds in all of King County! They have my job title lumped in with general health care. I need to show them how specialized my career in ophthalmology is and that job opportunities aren’t too numerous. Cross your fingers!

Even if I can’t get their decision appealed, I still plan to follow through with college. I’ll just have to work harder for it, possibly taking a part time job and part time classes. I have 2 months from today to get it all figured out. I just know that I need a new direction, this college path will open doors, and I’m motivated to do what it takes!

Tonight is a big soccer game. The Sounders are in a playoff game against Real Salt Lake. The winner advances to the next stage of the MLS championship games. This team is very equal with us… I think they said only one score between us in FOUR games! Dinner is looking tasty! It’s “Puerto Rican Beef” from one of my Paleo diet books, but I stuffed it in roasted pablano peppers and have a side dish of baked yam slices.

Yancy’s dad is coming to visit tomorrow. We’re looking forward to another super fun weekend! :O)


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