Getting back into it

I’ve spent some time this week getting into projects I’ve been procrastinating for some time. Now that I’m actually doing it, I wonder why I waited so long. The video and photo editing features on my Mac are so easy to use. The help menus & tutorials have made what seemed impossible seem easy. And the pre-made templates make my work look professional… even though it’s basically just cut & paste for me! This is so fun!! I did the video last week and today put together two beautiful slideshows (will put up links in another post). I have ideas for a few more fun projects to come.

Yesterday my friend Jessi came over with her scrapbook supplies and we looked over everything and I got some motivation there too. I pulled out the really neat scrapbook my mom made for me and reminisced about old memories. Yancy pulled out his photo-books too. I’m feeling really close to friends and family. Looking back through all those pictures reminds me of how many loving people I have in my life. 🙂

In the evening another friend came over for dinner. We visited for hours and even looked at a bunch of pictures. It was a really pleasant day… other than some serious frustration with applying for jobs (which I am required to do for unemployment)… but I can’t even go into that cause it’ll get me pissed off again. I baked yams and a stuffed turkey breast from Trader Joes with a side of green beans. Yum!

Today the weather is just plain miserable. It’s so nice to stay inside a cozy house and drink coffee. Yancy’s been playing a game on the Playstation and I’ve been playing on my computer. Tomorrow morning we have our group exercise class, then the Sounders game in the evening. Yet another fantastic weekend!  🙂


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