Date night

After a very quiet day at home all alone, I insisted that Yancy take me out for a date last night. I’ve been wanting to watch the latest James Bond movie called “Skyfall.” We had a crepe dinner & desert at a cafe next to the theater. The movie was great and I really enjoyed getting out of the house… this whole being without a job is really getting to me. 😦  At least I’ll be starting college in a month and will have something to focus my energies on.

We had an alarm clock malfunction this morning. He had set it way too early and then turned it off instead of resetting for another hour. The plan was to go to the gym before it got too crowded so we could both get on the stairmaster machines and have a friendly competition. Instead we slept in and are now enjoying breakfast and coffee. 😛 In a few hours I’m heading over to my friend’s house to help her with a cookie baking marathon and spend some time with her baby girl. Maybe we’ll make it to the gym in the evening… but probably not since we have a brutal circuit training class tomorrow morning.

Today I’m cooking a pot roast in the crock pot. At least I get to leave the house for a while to let Yancy suffer alone through the appetizing aromas! He hee.


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