Weekend wrap-up

I had a lot of fun baking cookies with my friend yesterday. I’m getting inspired to try a little holiday crafting myself! And I had fun holding baby Charley… even though she chose the moment Stephanie handed her over to me to fill her diaper up! After the cookies were all baked and Charley had been changed, I got to hold her again and she fell asleep in my hands. What a sweet little angel!

This morning Yancy and I got our butts kicked at circuit training. I’m feeling a little down after seeing my reflection in the mirror (I don’t have any full length mirrors at home). I’ve gained more weight this year and it really shows. I feel depressed that as often as I make the decision to change my habits… I have nothing to show for it. The motivation is there, but not the discipline. I’ve been talking to Yancy about this and we realize that we totally sabotage ourselves and each other. We really love to exercise together, but we also love eating together and we tend to take turns being the “bad guy” who suggests unhealthy foods. We are working on it though and I really do believe we’ve been eating a lot better. That’s why it’s so disappointing to see my reflection. I also realize that I’ve been stressed out lately (about school & unemployment among other things), and I know I need more work on handling stress.

We’ve decided to try incorporating 30-40 minutes of exercise into our weeknights around 8pm. Some days it will be yoga, others it will be core strength training, and sometimes we might try to get out for a walk (although that’s unlikely this time of year). Please ask us in a couple weeks if we’re still doing it. We need all the encouragement we can get!

This afternoon we made a trip to the Lynnwood Michaels craft store to take advantage of a great sale and coupon. They had $60 rolling tote bags on sale for $20. I got one for my scrapbook supplies (which fit perfectly) and one for my sewing supplies. I’m excited about how neat and efficient they are and how easy it will be to take my art stuff to a friend’s house for a craft get-together. Yancy and I also picked up a few supplies for homemade Christmas gifts. 🙂

Dinner was salad and pot roast leftovers… which I still have another day of…….


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