Home with my hubby

Wow, the drive home to Seattle from Wenatchee was crazy! I haven’t driven in the snow for several years and I think I was in a different car back then. Needless to say, I was a ball of nerves driving over the pass. I could tell the snow line was low when I went out for coffee in Wenatchee and after looking at the pass reports, I decided Steven’s Pass was probably the easiest route. The snow started before I even reached Levenworth. The car did ok until the top of the summit where I started loosing control which may have been in part due to VERY strong winds. I stopped to take a short break and kick the snow out of the tire wells. I pulled back on the road behind a long line of cars stuck behind a snow plow. Well, I made it home safely and that’s what matters!

Yancy had an outing with his coworkers last night and was having too much fun to come home, so I joined them at the bar. Some of the guys may have had a few too many drinks, but I had fun sitting and visiting. They had gone to the bar around 3:30 and we left around 10pm! Today we slept in. 🙂 This weekend will be pretty low key, just Yancy and I hanging out. Next week is looking a little busier.

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