Nice weekend

On Saturday night Yancy and I went for a little walk at Green Lake. It was the annual “Pathway of Lights” celebration. They put little candle lanterns on both sides of the path for the entire 3 mile loop. Hundreds of families come out to walk the path after dark. There are music performances and a stand selling hot beverages. Our friend Jessi was in one of the choirs that preformed so we joined her husband Justin and one year old daughter to watch them sing. We were so cold by the time her group was done, but still really enjoyed the evening. Afterwards we went out for dinner with their family.

Sunday morning was circuit training classes. I’m bummed that there’s only one more class this year. We really enjoy the exercise and the group of people that attend the class (well except for one annoying 18 year old). One of the exercises Cathy is trying to work us up to is the dreaded pullup. She has these ridiculous GIANT rubber band things that you can put your knee or foot in for support. Even with support, I can’t do a pullup so I’m back on the lat pulldown machine… but at least I can do 95 pounds on it (only 10 pounds less than Yancy). That’s progress. And someday I’ll be able to do a few of those damn pullups!!!

After circuit class we went to the gym just to sit in the hot tub for a while. We’ve canceled our membership there, but have until Jan 10th to use it. Yancy had his bicycle tuned up last week, and it seems to be working well despite his crash back in September. He’s planning some biking events next year and I’m signed up for a half marathon so most of our training will be outdoors from now on. Mostly I’ll just miss sitting in the hot tub after a workout.  😛

We ended up going out for dinner because there wasn’t much food in the house… and you don’t want to shop when hungry. I got some fancy stuffed pork chops from the store for tonight and a yummy looking sweet potato as well as some salad fixings. Today I’m doing some baking with my girlfriends and tonight Yancy’s dad will be visiting. I’ve been keeping myself just busy enough to feel happy. But still thinking a lot about my family.

Here’s a few pictures from this weekend:


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