Busy but quiet

I feel like I’ve been really busy this week. We had Yancy’s dad over on Monday night. He was in town for something else and just crashed at our place for one night. As usual, we stayed up late talking and watching movies. That morning I had gone to a friend’s house to make cookies. Jessi has a one year old daughter and Stephanie has a 2 month old daughter… I was out of the loop on all the baby talk, but I still enjoyed their company. And everyone enjoyed the cookies (including Yancy’s coworkers the next day)!

On Tuesday I did a 40 minute walk around the neighborhood as my first official day of half marathon training. I’ll eventually work up to jogging intervals, but for these first couple weeks, I’ll stick with a comfortable walking pace. That afternoon I had intended to go to a craft “meetup” (local group of people who organize events using the internet and get together for different interests).  This group was going to work on paper crafts at the Kenmore Library. I’ve been needing some motivation/inspiration to get working on some scrapbook projects, but at the last minute decided I didn’t want to drive all the way over there to work on my project with a bunch of strangers. So instead I pulled out all my wedding photos (yes… I’m barely starting my wedding scrapbook 7 years later). I put on some funny movies and organized all the photos I want to use. Yancy worked really late so I ended up having a quiet night alone watching movies and looking at pictures. I actually really enjoyed it.

On Wednesday morning I walked to and around Green Lake. I used my Garmin gps watch to keep track of mileage, it comes out to 4.34 miles round trip, with some good hills and the beginning and end. It was super cold, but I really enjoyed the walk. I especially love watching all the ducks at the lake. They sounds hilarious as they’re chattering away to each other. And I am so amused at how they can balance on one leg while taking a nap. As always there was good people and dog watching as well, not to mention the beautiful colors of the water and few remaining leaves on the trees. Every time I go for a walk or drive around here, I am impressed at what a beautiful place I live in!

The rest of the day wasn’t quite so relaxing. In the morning I had dropped my phone behind the bed and when I pushed the bed back to dig it out, found the wall totally covered in black mold! The bottom 2 feet or so of the wall had black spots, from one corner of the room to the other. It was behind the portable closet/shelf as well, and the night stands. I HATE mold!!! Yancy and I had been talking about switching the closet thing (an eye sore metal shelf with a hanging wrack – on wheels) with a dresser for some time. Since we had to pull everything off that wall to scrub it down, we decided to just go ahead and get the dresser. So after an Ikea shopping trip I scrubbed the bedroom while Yancy assembled the dresser. The room is much cleaner and organized now… but I still have a bunch of stuff that had been on that shelf that needs a new home. So really, my house is a bigger mess than when we had started. Ugh! But at least it’s clean and now we know to keep an eye on that wall. Nothing like finding mold right next to where you lay your head every night to sleep!  😦

Today I had another laser tattoo removal appointment. It’s number 9 from this particular person (who originally thought it should only take 5-6) and I had 4 treatments prior to that from someone else who also said it would only take 5 treatments. This tattoo is seriously stubborn!!! She says that maybe there’s scar tissue that the ink is clinging to… or else the artist just used a TON of ink. Either way, it’s going to need at least a few more treatments. I was really lucky that they gave me a deal… pay a set amount and if the tattoo is not gone, they cover the rest… Well she’ll have given me at least twice the amount of treatments I paid for by the time this darn tattoo is gone! It’s because of cases like mine that they don’t offer that kind of payment package any more. I’m so glad I got in on it because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to afford all of these! It costs a little over $200 for each visit! Yancy is “working remotely” today so that he could drive me to the appointment. Sometimes the numbing medicine she injects makes me a little shaky and I prefer not to drive after. We had lunch at my favorite Pho place in Bellevue and now we’re back home. He’s working and I’m procrastinating house work. 😛 I still need to do my 40 minute walk today, but Yancy said he’d go with me so I’m waiting. We’re going to go explore the Woodland Park.

Tomorrow afternoon my mom is coming to visit. She’ll be here all weekend and I’m sure we’ll be very busy. She’s more energetic than I am! :O) I’m looking forward to dragging her out on my walks and working on some craft projects. It’s good to spend time with family!


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