I’ve finally gotten my house back in order after the mold fiasco and chaos of the bedroom “makeover.” Unfortunately it’s mostly just a procrastination of the real chore… going through our stuff and getting rid of excess. I have far too many clothes. And for some reason I have way more blankets and pillows than a family of two needs. I have supplies for several craft projects I’ve never gotten around to. The house is now organized and mostly uncluttered… but now the storage room is piled high with plastic bins full of stuff needing to be sorted and tossed or donated. And I’m going to leave that for another day… 😛

I’ve got chicken in the crock pot for some tamales. My mom gets to help me put them together! ;0)  [insert evil laughter here] But I’ll do the thankless job of preparing the meat & sauce ahead of time.  The worst part is having to smell the meat cooking all day! I have a recipe for Rosemary Casserole Bread that I’m thinking of making today… I’m just a little nervous because I’ve never really baked bread and apparently it’s quite easy to kill the yeast. I called my grandma today for cooking tips. So the next step is to just go for it!  🙂  Wish me luck!


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