Christmas Eve’s Eve :)

Well, it’s feeling a little more like Christmas this evening while I’m sitting here drinking a glass of homemade eggnog (from a friend). We went shopping today for Yancy’s Christmas present, a fancy new computer monitor. My Christmas gifts this year were a pedicure (super fun by the way) and over $400 worth of textbooks for college. When Yancy asked me if I wanted anything else, I honestly couldn’t think of anything. And that feels really good! To be satisfied with what you already have is a gift in itself really. I am excited about my future and accepting of where I am now.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I’m super bummed to not be spending the holiday with my family. My sister drove all the way from Montana (to north-central WA) and I rarely get to see her. Everyone is getting together at our grandparents house like we’ve done so many years. But this year is likely my grandmother’s last Christmas with the family. I sure hope she enjoys every minute of it. I have wonderful memories of past holidays with my grandparents. We would have a grand dinner early in the evening of Christmas Eve (seriously rivaling the Thanksgiving meal), then sit around listening to music (sometimes they’d make us girls sing carols), and wait until fooorrrrevvver to open gifts (at least it felt that way as a kid).  :O)  To this day, I must have sparkling cider for Christmas and I certainly crave Grandma’s broccoli rice casserole! Grandma used to make knitted slippers every year and we’d get to pick out our favorite color.

Other than shopping and running errands today, we went to the last circuit training class of the year. Yesterday Yancy and I went stair climbing at Howe Street. I only did three sets, he did five (188 steps UP), and we’re both really sore today! Tomorrow is going to be pretty funny with us moaning and groaning every time we have to get up from sitting or go down any stairs!  😛

Pictures to come with another post.


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