Christmas Eve with my hubby

We slept in a little this morning and I made pancakes for breakfast as a special treat (from scratch even). We enjoyed them with ginger syrup. YUM! Both of us are ridiculously stiff and sore today. Getting up after sitting for a while is a joke… and going down any decline or stairs is painful. To get out of the house today, we went to a matinee showing of the “Hobbit.” I loved it! It’s been so long since we read the book that I sat down to watch the movie with no expectations. I didn’t get mad when they didn’t follow the book, I really enjoyed the casting, and even liked the animation, but mostly I loved the magical setting. It’s easy to get swept away in movie like the “Hobbit.” (like I did with the “Avatar.”)

After the movie we went out for thai food and then some frozen yogurt. Now we’re just relaxing at home. My fourth & final college textbook arrived today along with two more Christmas cards. I got to talk to my mom, sister, grandma, and aunt on the phone today, but it’s not the same as being there to share the holiday with them. This Christmas is a little depressing. But at least Yancy has been able to stay home today and tomorrow with me. Tomorrow night we’ll be going to dinner at a friend’s home. And on Wednesday Yancy starts a busy few days at work. We’re feeding our neighbor’s cats and have one happy cat in our own home (Colby really enjoys these long weekends when we’re both home).

Well, I’m signing off to curl up with a book. The house is warm, the Christmas lights are on, and it’s about time to curl up on the couch.  🙂


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