Life as a student

Okay, I’ll be honest, I haven’t really been that busy lately, just trying to limit the hours I’m spending in front of the computer. With three online college courses, I find myself at the desk most of the day or with my nose in a book. New Years has come and gone. So far 2013 is going pretty well. I’ve been doing little things around the house to create healthy routines. Today I did some serious cleaning in the kitchen and office. It feels less cluttered now. I think better in a clean room… but maybe that’s just an excuse to procrastinate homework. 🙂 I’ve moved the microwave to the top of the fridge to make more counter space for creating healthy dishes. I moved the fresh fruits to a different shelf where they’re at eye level going into the kitchen. The hope is that we’ll reach for fruits when feeling snacky (even though we really don’t have any other type of snack food in the house).

After much deliberation I decided to join Weight Watchers again. I hate paying money just to have a system of tracking my food and to talk with others about my diet, but I really think it helps. The meetings keep me motivated, and tracking all my food intake helps me be more honest with myself about my portion sizes. I had a physical exam this week. My blood pressure was 114/62 (that’s pretty damn good, especially when taken by a nurse in the office)! Heart rate was 62; also pretty good! My cholesterol is slightly high and vitamin D is low, but otherwise I’m very healthy. Just gotta loose some weight… My sister wants me to join her and a friend for a weight-loss competition. I told her I’d join, but only if she was ready to loose. I love talking smack! :O) But really, I’m doing well with exercise and diet lately and will definitely be seeing some changes soon.

School isn’t quite as challenging as I thought it’d be… yet. Two of my classes are primarily reading. The more difficult one is Project Management and I’m not impressed with the instructor. For someone who is supposed to teach us good time management practices, he doesn’t do much on time. It’s 5pm on Wednesday and he still hasn’t posted this week’s assignments. So we’ll all have to scramble to get it done when he finally posts it. I’m feeling a little controlling at the moment… why can’t I be all “acuna matatta?” I think because this is very important to me. Education is valuable and so is my time. And I have a lot of time right now, so I’d like to keep busy with productive things.

I went to the college campus yesterday to check out the gym. It’s not too bad. I did the “Power Sculpt” class and it kicked my butt. I think I’ll try to do that class twice a week for this quarter. I’ll definitely be stronger afterwards. There’s lots of squats, lunges, core work, arm work, and other painful exercises. I was able to do most of the exercises, but not the plank and some of the crunches where you put your feet in the air.

Ok, I think I’m rambling here. Let’s see if I have any pictures to post…


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