Busy, busy

I’ve been very busy this week with school. All three online classes had challenging and interesting homework assignments (&reading). One of my instructors asked to use my paper on cultural values as an example for other students.  :O)  I’ve got all of this week’s work turned in and have already started on some of next week’s work. I’d like to spend the week with my grandma and not have to worry too much about school. That’s the nice thing about online classes, I can work at my own pace.

Not sure if I posted this already, but I had a 1.4 pound weight loss at Weight Watchers last week… but apparently gained back one pound this week.  😛  I did the Power Sculpt class again on Tuesday and tried a hip hop jazz cardio class on Wednesday. I have to say I didn’t really enjoy the dance cardio class. I felt clumsy and stupid and barely broke a sweat. I think I’ll stick with more weight baring exercises for now because I feel like they make me stronger. Thursday morning (yesterday) I woke with a painful “kink” in my neck (hurts to look to the right or tilt my head towards the floor). I decided to skip the exercise class. It’s still sore today, but much better. Hoping it will be gone tomorrow.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy and fun day. We’re starting off with a short hike. One of Yancy’s coworkers and his wife will also be hiking. Should be fun, just hope the weather is decent. It was very foggy today which could leave the trail a little icy. We’ll barely have time to get home and shower before heading to a dinner reception for another friend’s wedding. They were married in Tennessee and are now having their local party. But wait, there’s more! After that we’ll be heading into downtown Seattle for the Amazon “post-holiday party.” It’ll be our first official Amazon party.  :O)

I’m really excited about visiting my grandma next week! But I’m a little nervous about taking the train. It’ll be my first real train ride (I imagine it will be very different from the trolly in San Diego). Yancy will take me to the station and make sure I get on the correct train. :O) Apparently you don’t give anyone your ticket until you’re already on the train moving towards your destination.

Oh, and I’m trying something new for dinner tonight: chai chicken :O)  It’s carrots and chicken thighs cooked with chai tea infused coconut milk and a few other spices, served with spiced jasmine rice. It’s smelling really good in the kitchen… can’t wait to go taste it!  :O)


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