Home again

I love to travel and visit family, but it’s always nice to come home again. :O) I didn’t sleep well during the week I was gone, so ended up having a 2 hour nap once I arrived. I had a wonderful week visiting my grandparents. Grandma has lost a lot of weight and gets tired quickly, but is otherwise doing pretty well. She is breathing fine (despite the lung cancer) and keeping her spirits up (despite the heartbreaking diagnosis). We played a lot of pinochle… which I really like when I’m winning (but I still prefer the game of Rummy). We watched a lot of tv and spent some quiet time chatting. She several pieces of her beautiful jewelry as gifts to remember her by and I will cherish them. Plus, I got to enjoy fresh snow (mostly just appreciated it from indoors). Omak had several inches of snow while I was there (Seattle hasn’t really had any so far this year). As usual, time flew by and it was time to go before too long.

I spent the rest of the weekend in Wenatchee with my friend Paula. We had hoped to do a hike, but ended up walking along the river trail. It was really cold and grey out, but luckily no snow like Omak. We went out for El Salvadorian food and then for a drink with her sister and a friend. We had a fun girls night chatting and watching a movie. In the morning Paula and I visited my Aunt Nita and her fiance Ric and were treated to a delicious breakfast. Great food, great company, what more could I ask for?!?

Today’s train ride home was pretty low key. The ticket definitely overestimates the travel time though. I was supposed to leave Wenatchee at 5:35AM, but didn’t depart until about 6:15. The ticket said I would arrive at 10:25, but we got there 20 minutes early. Now that’s what I call making good time! I had breakfast in the lounge car this time. It wasn’t a luxury meal, but hit the spot and was fun to watch the snowy scenery fly by during the meal. I have to say I kind of like riding the train, but I also missed the freedom of having my own car.

Tomorrow it’s back to the grindstone with a TON of college reading to do. But it’s good to be home with my husband and kitty. I can’t stop thinking about how lucky I’ve been in my life to be surrounded by such wonderful family and friends that love and support me!


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