Proud of my grade ;D

Sometimes it’s the small things in life that make you smile. This morning I read an email that one of my instructors sent out to the whole class. He said that he had graded the recent assignment pretty strictly and the average score was a C+ so I was worried about what my grade was going to be. Well I was pleasantly surprised when I found the note “Well done! Grade=A” on my assignment! 100% baby!  :O) Maybe this project management thing is going to work out really well after all.

Still trying to decide where to focus my energies for an internship and future job. I have several interests and there’s lots of opportunities in Seattle. One idea is to stay in healthcare and maybe get a job working at one of the cancer research clinics in Seattle. Another idea is to follow the money in the tech field… like Amazon or Microsoft. Also, I’m interested in construction and remodeling, especially green remodeling which is a growing industry right now. Wow, so many options! I’m reaching out to friends right now trying to arrange some informal interviews with project managers in different fields to get a better idea of the pro’s & con’s of each.

I went out for breakfast this morning with Yancy and enjoyed a giant latte… the last I’ll be drinking for a while. In January I gave up alcohol (all except one night) and for February I’m giving up most dairy products. I’ll still eat yogurt, but no milk or cheese. This is going to be really hard because I really love cheese. But I also love wine and was able to live without it for a month. The hardest part will probably be the lattes I’ve been overindulging in lately. During the dark winter months I find myself much more addicted to caffeine. Wish me luck!  🙂


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