Can’t think of a good post name…

Last week I had a little chest cold followed by an ear infection. I’m on antibiotics and feeling better each day. I had taken about a week and a half off of exercise, but am already back on track. On Sunday we went to circuit training class, on Monday I did a 8-9 mile walk, and Tuesday I did the power sculpt class. I’m pretty sore today, but thinking of going for a swim.   😛

School is going fine. One of my teachers is about 4 weeks behind on grading…. so I don’t know how I’m doing in that class, but as far as I know, I’m acing everything. Three classes are not as challenging as I thought they would be. I find myself pretty lonely and bored lately. I guess I’m starting to feel the weight of not working. I really miss the social interaction and physical activity of being at work, not to mention the daily routine. I just keep reminding myself that there’s only a few more months of school and then I can get back to a normal life. In the future I’ll probably look back at these relaxing days and I wish I could do it again….. Isn’t it funny how we often want what we don’t have?!?

I’ve started working on a puzzle for something else to do around the house. The poor kitty doesn’t understand why I don’t want him walking back and forth all over it. He’s also all kinds of confused about his diet. He has some mysterious medical condition that makes his calcium levels much too high. The prescription food we’ve been feeding him for a few years apparently makes it worse (but he’s in a tiny of percentage of cats that this happens to, so the vet couldn’t have known). Anyways, now we’re supposed to be feeding him canned food that’s high in protein. He loves the food, but is hungry soon after. And he is ANNOYING when hungry! Yancy’s doing research to find better food options and even considering making homemade food… which grosses me out.

Speaking of food, I’m still working on my February challenge of no milk or cheese. I’ve cheated a few times, but still can’t believe how often I was consuming dairy. My acne is clearing up (which could also have something to do with the antibiotics), and my stomach seems pretty happy, so I think I’ll continue this, but maybe not as strict. I’m still trying to decide what to focus on for March. I’m thinking of turning the focus to movement/exercise. But I’m also wanting to increase vegetables and decrease meat in my diet. I like the idea of spending one month focusing on a certain aspect of my health. Maybe I’ll continue it through all of 2013.

I’ll be back soon to post pictures of my long walk on Monday.  🙂


4 days in

I made it through the weekend sticking to my goal of no milk or cheese. It’s kind of silly right? It should be easy to do, but I suddenly find myself craving dairy products! Maybe it’s an addiction. I certainly didn’t realize how often I was drinking milk (because I don’t even keep it in the house) or having cheese (which I rarely have around). But we go out to eat so often and I’m definitely a true Seattlite in my dependance on coffee.  🙂

It’s Monday and I’ve finally caught up on all my house cleaning. The place is looking good! Now it’s time to get busy with my homework, lots of reading this week. As far as exercise goes, I’m calling today a day of rest. Yancy and I climbed the Golden Garden stairs TWICE on Saturday (& I was still recovering from an especially grueling power sculpt class last Thursday). The GG stairs are tough because a bunch of them are uneven and it’s a pretty big elevation gain in a fairly short distance. Then on Sunday morning we did circuit training class (after having missed the last two weeks). So I’ve woken up some muscles that I had forgotten about. But it hurts in a good way.  😛 The power sculpt teacher is out this week so I’m going to try a different class tomorrow. Wish me luck!  :O)

Day one

Well I made it through the day with no milk or cheese. I didn’t realize how often I have to make food choices about dairy! I started the morning off easily enough having scrambled eggs with fresh onion and mushrooms. We drink french-press coffee (yum!) and my creamer is non-dairy. I went to my Weight Watchers meeting and was a little surprised to have lost 2 pounds since the last weigh in (2 weeks ago). I honestly was expecting a gain this time, but will try harder next week. After the meeting I went to the salon to have my hair done. Feels good now! Then I decided to go out for lunch. There’s a Pho place next door to the salon and I heard the sandwiches were great and cheap. I had a Vietnamese sausage sandwich (not sure what makes it Vietnamese).

Yancy and I had a date night and went to Red Robin for dinner. I had the ribs and chicken with fries. Already missing cheese… While waiting for the movie we went to a cafe and I ordered a chai latte with soy milk. We watched the movie “Parker,” a pretty good action flick. I also splurged and had candy during the movie with water instead of soda. I’ve decided that chocolate occasionally will be ok. But no ice cream, cheese, or milk. This is gonna be interesting!

We’re going for a hike tomorrow morning (which is good because I have a lot of calories to burn off after our date night). Will post pics soon.   :O)