Day one

Well I made it through the day with no milk or cheese. I didn’t realize how often I have to make food choices about dairy! I started the morning off easily enough having scrambled eggs with fresh onion and mushrooms. We drink french-press coffee (yum!) and my creamer is non-dairy. I went to my Weight Watchers meeting and was a little surprised to have lost 2 pounds since the last weigh in (2 weeks ago). I honestly was expecting a gain this time, but will try harder next week. After the meeting I went to the salon to have my hair done. Feels good now! Then I decided to go out for lunch. There’s a Pho place next door to the salon and I heard the sandwiches were great and cheap. I had a Vietnamese sausage sandwich (not sure what makes it Vietnamese).

Yancy and I had a date night and went to Red Robin for dinner. I had the ribs and chicken with fries. Already missing cheese… While waiting for the movie we went to a cafe and I ordered a chai latte with soy milk. We watched the movie “Parker,” a pretty good action flick. I also splurged and had candy during the movie with water instead of soda. I’ve decided that chocolate occasionally will be ok. But no ice cream, cheese, or milk. This is gonna be interesting!

We’re going for a hike tomorrow morning (which is good because I have a lot of calories to burn off after our date night). Will post pics soon.   :O)



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