4 days in

I made it through the weekend sticking to my goal of no milk or cheese. It’s kind of silly right? It should be easy to do, but I suddenly find myself craving dairy products! Maybe it’s an addiction. I certainly didn’t realize how often I was drinking milk (because I don’t even keep it in the house) or having cheese (which I rarely have around). But we go out to eat so often and I’m definitely a true Seattlite in my dependance on coffee.  🙂

It’s Monday and I’ve finally caught up on all my house cleaning. The place is looking good! Now it’s time to get busy with my homework, lots of reading this week. As far as exercise goes, I’m calling today a day of rest. Yancy and I climbed the Golden Garden stairs TWICE on Saturday (& I was still recovering from an especially grueling power sculpt class last Thursday). The GG stairs are tough because a bunch of them are uneven and it’s a pretty big elevation gain in a fairly short distance. Then on Sunday morning we did circuit training class (after having missed the last two weeks). So I’ve woken up some muscles that I had forgotten about. But it hurts in a good way.  😛 The power sculpt teacher is out this week so I’m going to try a different class tomorrow. Wish me luck!  :O)


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