Goodbye Colby :(

We brought our cat to the vet today for loss of appetite, loss of energy, and increased thirst. He’s lost a lot of weight and you can tell he hasn’t been feeling well. Turns out his kidneys were shutting down, and have been for some time. We’ve done everything we can to keep him healthy, from fancy water dishes to expensive foods. There’s really nothing more we can do. The vet recommended euthanizing him, saying that he probably wouldn’t survive the rest of the week. It was hard, but we decided to have it done today. Otherwise we would be bringing him home to prolong his suffering. There’s been a few tears shed. I wonder if everyone has such heartache when loosing a pet. He’s been our one and only for 7 years. But I also wonder if I’m being overly emotional. Watching him not eat and get so skinny really reminds me of my grandmother’s last week of life. Maybe some of the pain I’m feeling is just resurfacing from last month.    Loss is hard.  😦

Colby was  a funny cat. He was rambunctious and entertaining. He was great at snuggling, especially when I wasn’t feeling well. He loved the sunshine and grass (‘cept he was always trying to eat the grass). When he “helped” me with laundry I always had to fight the dryer sheets away from him (he tried to eat those as well). Whenever a can of any kind was opened in the kitchen (or pretty much any cooking for that matter), he had to investigate. More than once I woke up with him standing on my chest with his mouth right against mine. He was a great spider hunter (but never really killed the spiders). He had the funniest meow when watching birds play outside the window. When we came home he would roll around on the living room floor purring and asking for belly rubs. When we had parties, he would prance around acting so cute, but staying just out of reach. He was curious about, but scared of babies. He had a habit of drinking out of my water glass when I wasn’t looking (did catch him in the act a few times, but mostly could only tell by the water droplets surrounding my glass). He was pretty smart too, he knew when he was breaking the rules. He was very afraid of thunder and hail storms, nothing we did could pull him out from hiding. I once thought he had escaped, and after looking EVERYWHERE, found him perched on top of the fridge just watching me. In the last few months his favorite place to sit was in between me and my computer. I’ll miss his warm snuggles. I’ll miss his “welcome home” display. I’ll miss his funny personality. I’ll miss his company. Colby was a great cat.

Goodbye Colby. We loved you!!!



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