Goodbye Grandma, I will blog on

My grandma was the main reason I’ve kept this blog going. She would log on every day to see my latest adventures. I wasn’t very good about calling her very often, so this was one way for her to stay caught up with me. I do talk to my mom on the phone regularly. Sometimes Mom would tell Grandma (her mom) something I had been doing and Grandma would say “I knew that days ago!” 🙂 As you know through previous posts, Grandma had lung cancer and the chemo treatments stopped working. Because of my unique situation of not working and having online classes, I was able to visit her pretty often in the last few months. Shortly after my last post, her health started rapidly declining. Within a few weeks, she went from answering the phone herself, eating normal meals, going for short walks… to being totally dependent on others for her care. It was heartbreaking to watch such a strong woman go through these changes. I stopped blogging for a while because it only brought the realization that she wouldn’t be reading it anymore. Even now, over a month since she passed away, it’s difficult to post. This blog was a connection I had with my dear grandma. I actually thought of closing the blog. But after more thought, I’ve decided to continue in her honor.

I read a quote recently that said something along the lines of “Shared grief is half the sorrow, but happiness, when shared is doubled.” (author unknown) This blog is a place for me to share my joys and struggles. So I’ll continue to blog… even if no one reads it.



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