Happy Earth Day!

It’s barely after 8am and I’ve already showered, dressed, had breakfast & tea, and started dinner in the crock-pot! We’ll be having corned beef and cabbage tonight, ah ya! With cider for me and whiskey for Yancy. I have a very busy day ahead with school work and looking for an internship. I was hoping to weed the yard today (in honor of Earth Day & the newly arrived sunshine), but thinking I won’t have the time.

I’d like to send a shout out to my friend Rochelle who lost her grandma on Friday. You’re in my thoughts. Sending you virtual hugs!!

Yancy and I are still sad about loosing our kitty. This house is just not the same without that little crazy fur-ball. We gave his cat tower and toys to the neighbors upstairs. Their two cats are having a blast, you can hear them thundering around up there. We recently signed another year’s lease at our rental, and decided not to get any new pets until we get our own place. Then it’ll be a dog!

Well, I better finish getting ready to go. I’m heading to the college to take an extracurricular class about how to use LinkedIn. Yippy… Hope you all have a nice Earth Day and do something nice for our planet today.  🙂


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